2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle Commanding Price Premiums (Photos)


Six weeks after its release, the San Francisco Mint’s proof American Silver Eagle is drawing from nearly triple to more than quadruple its issue price.

2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse and Reverse, a
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse and reverse of a 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle

Limited to 75,000 in its initial release within the 2017 Congratulations Set ($54.95), which sold out within minutes of its April 4 launch, the next chance at another one from the United States Mint is sometime later this year as a part of the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. How many and when this set becomes available are unknowns. Last year’s limited edition set was restricted to 50,000 units.

Photo of 2017 Congratulations Set
2017 Congratulations Sets include a San Francisco Mint proof Silver Eagle

The coin’s storyline is supporting some bullish appetites. Secondary market prices are ranging from about $140-$150 for an original 2017 Congratulations Set to about $220-$245 for a 2017-S Proof Silver Eagle graded 70. In between are 69s moving for about $130 to $145.

2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle Encapsulated in 2017 Congratulations Set
This close-up shows the Silver Eagle encapsulated within the packaging of a 2017 Congratulations Set

In contrast, prices for a standard West Point 2017-W Proof Silver Eagle span from its issue price of $53.95 to graded 70s for $80-$85. The U.S. Mint sold 250,850 through the first week of May.

2017 Proof American Silver Eagle
This CoinNews photo shows the obverse and reverse side of a standard 2017-W Proof American Silver Eagle

The only visual difference between the standard and the more limited Silver Eagle are mintmarks of either ‘W’ or ‘S’.

Finally, below are a few more CoinNews photos of S-Mint American Silver Eagles.

2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse and Reverse
Another CoinNews photo showing the obverse and reverse of a 2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle
2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse, a
A larger view of an obverse
2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle - Reverse, a
A larger view of a reverse
2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle - Obverse
One more view of an obverse
2017-S Proof American Silver Eagle - Reverse
One more view of a reverse
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For that price I will just have to go w/o…


I might be mistaken but I think the “S” will also be available in another product offering this year. Last I heard mintage #s haven’t been announced.


the 2017 s will be the second lowest mintage of the proof silver eagles. only the 1995 proof has a lower mintage with approximately 30,000. the 1995 sells for between $2,500 and $3,500 today, it has been higher in the past. this makes me think in a few years the 2017 s will be selling for up $1,000. i think one purchased in the original gov. package at $140 will be a great investment.


I know I called the mint at precisely 12:00:01 and by the time I had verified my account it was 12:01 and she said it was on back order and did i still want one? I immediately said yes and by that time she said “I’m sorry, Sir, but it is now unavailable”. That was at 12:02 and some seconds. I’m really irate at the lack of household minimums and I heard that one person asked the mint operator what was the biggest order she had and that he was told that one person ordered 25,000 coins. That same day… Read more »


Such B.S. The same thing with the 2017 s proof Silver Eagles. There should’ve been 1 per household. Good ol gready ppl. Oh well is what it is. I’m now getting one coin sent to me once a year and thinking about stopping that too.


It is still cheap on total value . 30,000 x $3500 =105 M
This year 75000 x $140 =$10.5M
Compare the total value of the coin ,this year S silver eagle proof coin is best bet and best price .


Silver price is less than $17 per oz and why anyone want to pay over $100 for this coin.


Rodney Moore, good for you! I wish that they would get stuck with them all! That was so very wrong for the Mint to sell out like that! Being a coin as it was, it should have been 1 or 2 coins per house untill everyone had a chance to get one. I also have been looking elsewhere for coins other then the USA MINT and I find eBay to be too expensive as well for this coin and another silver coins that I didn’t get a chance to buy. Thank You for your message. Some may call it making… Read more »


I’m sorry, but in my mind, the concept of putting a Silver Eagle in a packaging that says “Congratulations”, and is marketed by the US Mint as something to give to someone as a gift, would mean that you want the public to be able to buy this product any time during the year — so you can indeed gift it. For this item to sell out in 2 minutes, goes against the concept of this product entirely.

drew scott

I was able to get 10 from the mint and flipped them on ebay for $1250 a week later. Not a ginormous sum, but I’m still happy and will gladly buy more from the mint if I see the same opportunity.


Drew, What you said doesn’t make me mad. For one, you got ten instead of a hundred or a thousand. Plus, it seems like you doubled your money, a nice fat profit but still reasonable. Asking six times the amount is not reasonable. When I looked on ebay that day and the next, there was no one that wasn’t asking 4 to 6 times what they paid for the coin and so I just quit looking after that. What is bad about the situation for me is that it is going to cut two ways. The second way is that… Read more »


I wonder why no one complains that the US Mint exclusively sells American Silver Eagles, the ones without mint marks, only to wealthy dealers so those chosen dealers can profit immediately from flipping the coins? The Mint could probably have done the same with proofs or any other product. Perhaps in the future the public may be forced to yield to the flippers for all Mint products. The Mint could cut a lot of employees and expense.

John K.

The mint putting another nail in the coffin of coin collecting


@John K. “The mint putting another nail in the coffin of coin collecting.” They lost me a while back .. the only thing I am looking for this year is the NA $1 C&C set just so I can continue that one .. at least it’s cheap with an ever changing reverse and an enhanced unc finish …. the only thing I am anticipating getting from the Mint is the Moon landing commemorative and probably only the silver $1 … was thinking of the 5 oz puck but I read somewhere that the surcharge on that is gonna be even… Read more »



I guess the Mint must have heard ya … they just updated their schedule to include June


The 2017 S Eagle WILL GO DOWN IN VALUE!!! You can bet on that. Once the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set comes out the total mintage of the “S” Silver Proof Eagle will double what it is now or more. It might take a year but it will go down in value and people will wish they hadn’t bought the thing in the second market. If you did happen to get it directly from the Mint then that will be a great buy. My wish is that everyone who wants one will be able to get it in the… Read more »

Chas Barber

RODNEY, right on brother, I was shut out @ 9:01 am…really MINT…don’t care I have no hole to fill so I say ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzz to the 2017 S Proof, ASE….. JOERA not sure if the legs get stronger or weaker on this one….the force is not so stronmg in it but MCM & MIke they control a slug of the market…THANKS FOR THINKING OF US, your customer base…we unlike someone else base, are not mere lemmings, caring not what schnangans ya’ll pull……


TL, the no mint mark American Silver Eagles are sold for silver value. Millions are made and resold for a few dollars above spot price is the difference


If I bought most of a single coin offering and then destroyed 99% of them would I then be able to charge a ridiculous amount for these coins?! Lol. This could be a new angle for coin flippers, apologies, I meant avid coin collectors.


Donald kirkpatrick

I bought 14 graded pr70 2017 s silver eagles for $220@. I’m happy with the price as I didn’t need to buy a bunch and pay to have them graded in hopes of having some pr70 coins. It takes all the work out of it for me. The 95 w pr70 has auctioned off as high as 90,000.00 and obviously with 30,000 montage there is no comparison. However there are 75 million coin collectors out there and 125 thousand for a montage will make it tough for the majority of collectors to get a hold of one especially a pr70.… Read more »


What’s the number of 2017 W Proof Silver Eagle’s? It’s a mystery! I have the 298th of 4998 coins struck in MS70…