US Mint ‘High-Profile’ Products for 2017 and 2018

Recommended designs for the 2017-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin
CFA and CCAC design recommendations for the 2017 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin

The United States Mint is both planning on and thinking about issuing several high-profile products for 2017, including an American Liberty gold coin in high relief and several silver medals with unique finishes from different minting facilities. Then in 2018, the San Francisco Mint may strike a set of reverse proof coins.

These real and potential products were shared by the U.S. Mint in October during its 2016 Numismatic Forum. Few details were provided. Those that were triggered some excitement.

As a part of a broad numismatic update, Jon Cameron, the U.S. Mint’s associate director of numismatic, bullion and coin studies, presented a tentative outline of possible, likely and known product releases in fiscal years 2017 and 2018. I’ve charted them in the tables below. Those highlighted in blue are considered "high profile products." The others are commemorative coins and regular annual issues.

2017 Product Line-Up

FY 2017 – Q1
(Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2016)
FY 2017 – Q2
(Jan 1 to Mar 31, 2017)
FY 2017 – Q3
(Apr 1 to Jun 30, 2017)
FY 2017 – Q4
(Jul 1 to Sept 30, 2017)
See U.S. Mint 2016 Product Schedule ATB Quarters Proof Set American Liberty High Relief
Gold Coin — 225th
Platinum Proof Coin – 20th
Lions Clubs
Commemorative Program
ATB Uncirculated Set 225th Enhanced
Uncirculated Set
ATB Quarters Silver
Proof Set
Uncirculated Set  
American Eagle Gold Proof
American Buffalo Gold Proof  
Boys Town
Commemorative Program
Silver Proof Set  
American Eagle Silver
American Eagle Gold
Proof Set American Liberty Silver
Medal — 225th Anniversary
  American Eagle Silver


The 2017-W $100 American Liberty High Relief Gold Coin and companion medal(s) will be issued as part of the U.S. Mint’s celebration of its 225th anniversary, which is officially on April 2, 2017. Design candidates for the coin and medal were unveiled shortly before they were reviewed in March by the Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). Their recommended designs are shown in the images above.

Refer to our earlier article to learn about the 20th anniversary 2017-W $100 Proof American Platinum Eagle.

The 225th Enhanced Uncirculated Set could include 4 silver medals, each featuring a different collector finish and each produced at a different U.S. Mint facility — San Francisco, Denver, West Point and Philadelphia. Similar to the 2016 American Liberty Silver Medal, they would lack standard coin inscriptions but they would include mint marks.

2018 Product Line-Up

FY 2018 – Q1
(Oct 1 to Dec 31, 2017)
FY 2018 – Q2
(Jan 1 to Mar 31, 2018)
FY 2018 – Q3
(Apr 1 to Jun 30, 2018)
FY 2018 – Q4
(Jul 1 to Sept 30, 2018)
Limited-Edition Silver Proof
American Eagle Silver
American Eagle Gold Proof Program Platinum Proof Coin — New
ATB Circulating Set WWI Commemorative
Coin Program
Silver Proof Set SF Reverse Proof Set
  WWI Special Coin &
Medals Sets
Uncirculated Set Limited-Edition Silver Proof
  ATB Quarters Proof Set American Buffalo Gold Proof  
  ATB Silver Proof Set American Eagle Silver
Uncirculated Coin
  Breast Cancer Awareness
Commemorative Coin
American Liberty Silver
  Proof Set American Eagle Gold
Uncirculated Coin
  ATB Uncirculated Set    


Proof American Platinum Eagles in years 2018 to 2020 will feature different obverses but share the same reverse, exactly opposite of past series coins. The U.S. Mint published candidate designs for them in September.

Aside from what their names reveal, no details are currently available for the other possible big-ticket products for 2018.

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Well, it’s as close to no information as they can get. They know what they’re doing, why can’t they tell us?

And back to WWI again.

They also blew it with the 10th anniversary of the gold buffalo that was this year – no comment, no announcement, no special packaging, no special finish.

As the U.S. Mint’s associate director of numismatics Jon Cameron is not impressing.

Seth Riesling

The 2017 American Liberty $100 gold coin with the African-American Lady Liberty is shown in color in a brochure given to members of the CCAC a few months ago & will have special edge lettering of “225th ANNIVERSARY”. You can see the color graphic mock-up from the brochure at
The 2017 Proof Platinum Eagle $100 20th anniversary coin will have the same design as the original 1997 bullion & Proof versions.



Some good ideas but I personally think they are producing far, far too many products. By and large the low end ones aren’t worth getting and who can afford anywhere near all of these, or would want to pay that much over bullion if they could? This sort of thing has happened before, as in the commemorative half craziness of the mid-’30s or the ridiculous number of commemorative stamps issued around 1960. Sure the Mint wants to make money, but by inflating its output this could be literally killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. And that national park… Read more »


Oh my goodness the Mint blew it with a total failure on the 30th Anniversary American Eagle gold and silver sets that COULD AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN…just like 2006, those were their most popular sets they’ve issued perhaps EVER. What in the universe were they thinking to have missed out on such a grand slam of a home run product? Seriously – that is the biggest miss I’ve ever seen the US Mint do. What an outrage… On the other hand now they produce these horribly designed 225th Anniversary gold coins instead? They look awful! and what is with this… Read more »


Well another year another coin. I guess we’ll see how it goes or not go.


I was a part of a research group they did. Do you know what they proposed for the 225th anniversary? A striking of the first cents, half dismes and dismes in gold (there might have been other denominations). I would have liked that much better, but I guess the results of the 1916-2016 gold restrikes killed it.


Once they came out with the anorexic liberty on the first liberty coin I decided I wouldn’t be buying any of the liberty coins at all. Not being or pretending to be US coinage there’s little collector value to my mind.

Nice to see the proof silver eagle is scheduled for first quarter 2017. There’s a birth coming up in Apr that I’ve got to get that coin for.

Not sure why they’re doing SF reverse proof set in 2018…


That 225th Enhance Unc set got my interest for a while then I reread the blog and it could just consist of 4 medals in different finishes …. if so PASS (had been thinking a complete 2017 EU set would be part of it .. but nah) .. along with every stuff in 2017 except the NA $1 EU set .. Not that I collect it .. but the Congratulations Set seems to have been dropped from the line up .. seeing that the 2016 won’t come out until Nov 29 (!!!) maybe folks now know they can’t depend on… Read more »


Getting back to the Mintage and HH order limits … since I don’t order much.. does the Mint charge a set shipping charge now many how many items are ordered? I know they upgrade if you order a high dollar item like gold .. is that fixed no matter how much more you order? Just thinking out aloud ..

Seth Riesling

Tinto –

The Mint’s S&H charges are set for as many items or dollar amount you order. The basic “budget” S&H is $4.95 & I used it only once since it took 12 days to get from Memphis, Tennessee to Austin, Texas! They automatically upgrade orders with gold & platinum coins to the next level that is expedited at $12.95 (about 5 business days) & then there are options at $17.95 (about 3 business days) & $20.95 for next day delivery by UPS by 10:30am with adult (21 plus) signature required.



@Seth Riesling

Thanks a lot for the explanation … so there’s a fixed price per order and the Mint pays for the returns within a specific time frame I guess?

Seth Riesling

Tinto –

The Mint has a 7-day return policy from the day you receive a shipment (it used to be 30 days, but dealers & some collectors were playing the gold & platinum market with returns, so they lowered it). The Mint usually only pays for return postage if the package was damaged, but if you push them on a coin with real “problems” they will mail you a return shipping label.



@Seth Riesling

Thanks for the info. At least the bulk buyers of numismatic products have to pay to return those not meeting their criteria .


Regarding that CCAC and CFA recommended 2017 Liberty High Relief gold coin design … something seems off with that eagle … maybe is it because the eagle’s tail feathers seem to be chopped off from the design … ?

Seth Riesling

Tinto – When this design was selected months ago, I noticed the same thing. This eagle doesn’t have a full tail ! Another thing that has always bothered me is when inscriptions are partially covered with the design like on the obverse of this design the letter “B” is cut in half & covered by a star on her headdress. Many US Mint coins have similar designs that partially cover up letters in the inscriptions & it just looks strange. Look at the Civil Rigjts Act of 1964 commemorative silver dollar from 2014 & the sign the guy is carrying… Read more »



Ever since I decided to cut back over a year ago I haven’t paid much attention to the proof AGE and platinum designs … I only bought the 2016 Commemorative coins because of the subjects Mark Twain and NPS and the designs. But that will be my last one until the Moon landing and if the design is the same across all the denomination then I’ll just buy one coin.


I don’t normally purchase american mint proof coins but I will for sure grab one of these. I do love the design. 4 9’s and the detail is amazing.


Bob Clear

No one wants to erase history. But black people do exist in the US and contributed a lot to our society and not representing them would be a shame. Saying you don’t want any black people on coins etc. is just as bad as wanting no white people on the currency.


The U.S. Mint is behind other mints in terms of innovation. When will the U.S. Mint introduce colorized coins? Also, it’s time to refresh designs for the American Eagle silver and gold coins, eliminate producing the penny, and think about a redesign of the Kennedy Half Dollar and Sac. dollar coins so that they will once again become a popular spending coins.



You sound like a very, very sick individual. Is that you Trump? I know it is. The contribution “non-white” in the U.S. is immeasurable. Your statement clearly shows that you’re a racist.

Sheryl Anderson-Sommons

I am new to collecting but would like to order the 2017 American Liberty 225th Anniversary Gold Coin.
How or where can I do this?

Chas Barber

I think the 225th Anniversary re-strikes would have been awesome. Maybe a 1 month order period-struck to order!! Na let’s march out a medal as a $100 coin….@ $1,600+ for an Oz. of gold…..


In Response to Sheryl Anderson-Sommons question : Here is the link for the 255th Gold Coin. I do RECOMMEND you do the following (if you have not yet) : [1] Sign up for an account with the US MInt here: AND Put in your CC info – it is safe in the US Mint Website. [2] On the day of the offering [ April 06, 2017, at 12 noon (ET) ] sign into your account about 25 mins ahead of 12 noon ET, load the page for the offering and await the offering page sale enabled (relaod the… Read more »

Bob Lbenstein-WA2AXZ

Being an old time collector for over 60 years, I guess my comments are valid. The mint for the past few years has blown many an opportunity to make truly great coins and medals. Most recently, with the issuing of the Five Ounce silver national park quarters, what better a coin for applying the enhanced uncirculated finish. I truly prize my Teddy Roosevelt 5 oz coin. After seeing how it looked as a regular EU coin, I could only thing that the larger venue would be dazzling. Too bad the mint does not truly listen to collectors as they, aside… Read more »

shirley moyer

I can not find any info. on the 2018 silver eagles. When will they become available from the mint? Anyone know?



Lady liberty has been depicted differently on many coins. Seated, standing, walking…etc., all of them of different personages. As long as they’re all white, you seem perfectly satisfied. I hope you and all your racist white supremacist numismatic pals don’t buy any of these silver medals, so mine will be more valuable. Please make sure to raise your issues with these medals at your next clan rally.