2016 Standing Liberty Gold Coin Notches First-Day Sales of 47,884

by Mike Unser on September 9, 2016 · 70 comments

2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Quarter

Standing Liberty Gold Coin sales in the first day reached 47,884, or 47.9% of the 100,000 maximum

Nearly half of the allotted 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Coins sold in the first day, the United States Mint announced Friday morning, Sept. 9.

"First day sales of the Standing Liberty 2016 Centennial Gold Coin, only offered via the phone and online catalog, with a mintage limit of 100,000, and household order limit of one: 47,884 coins," U.S. Mint spokesman Michael White said in an email.

Most early buyers, say those ordering within the first 30 minutes or so, had to navigate the obstacles of an exceptionally busy U.S. Mint website. There was a stampede to get them.

The household ordering limit of one coin earned collectors’ eventual happiness. It assured the coin’s availability through the first day and beyond.

Dealers and flippers, on the other hand, are feeling some burn. The lack of a quick sellout will depress short-term secondary market prices for this coin, sapping its buzz and making an eventual sellout less likely even with lifted limits.

At a higher limit level, perhaps 2-3 coins per household, all parties may have screamed today with joy. But then, of course, hindsight is 20/20.

We’ll publish gold Standing Liberty quarter photos as soon as possible. Usually ordering takes us less than 30 seconds for regular U.S. Mint products and under 5 minutes for those in high-demand. Not this time. We got knocked out early in the line to buy, and couldn’t place an order for nearly 20 minutes.

The U.S. Mint’s product page for the collectible is right here. Place phone orders at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

Update (Sept. 13): The U.S. Mint reported sales of 53,378 coins through Sunday, Sept. 11.

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Excellent analysis! Thank you Mike…


Yeppers, this was win-win for all except for the “Carnival barkers” of the big boys club. I wish the Mint would adopt a policy to defeat the hoarding like this one consistently and promote good old fashioned collecting among the enthusiasts.


Let the speculators burn so that allows us collectors to add this beauty to our Standing Liberty Quarter collection without any hassle.


This non sellout in one day shows collectors are few and flippers are many. High price for gold although great coin with history just not in demand with current coin market. Most are holding off in my own opinion due to just simply not having the money to spend. Looking over gold coins in general (modern day coins) there is no demand or collectability from the general coin collector. If there was the low mintage gold spouse coins would be sought over and bring high demand. I just think gold coins other than being made of gold are over rated… Read more »


I was contacted by email by Penn metals to but one of these for them, they would take care of all the fees, and in return they offered me a $50 fee… Not very much offering me to make 10% when they were gonna probably at least double their money….

Christopher Williams

When will the mint get it right? Inability to handle volume of calls and
Web traffic. Either Selling too high a quantity benefiting flippers or
Selling too little for collectors. I’d have bought 2 standing Liberty 2 platinum eagles and 2 Mercury as a collector but without being able to get
Through, or before sell out my only option is to buy a resale piece.
I refuse until those flippers begin to choke on them. Isn’t this scalping? I’ll ask what my congressperson thinks.


It was the easiest, on @ 9am confirmed @9:03….perhaps 2 wold have worked with 100k better. But, in the long run ‘coin “Collectors” are diminishing & & though SLQs are popular, not with any youngsters, us dinosaurs remember still getting them in change in the early 1960’s… I bought it but tend to agree it will be a bullion item in the future, and paying almost 2,ooo an Oz. for gold may take some time for a profit, it’s alot easier to buy 2 $34.95 coins, t$500 one. And from recent news I think they said 40% of the population… Read more »


Personally I’m thrilled they limited it. It gives collectors like myself time to actually get a notification from the mint and order it. I’m hopeful to get one. Hopefully they’ll do the same with the Walker. I’d love to see them take some of the unsold mercs and put together a small set of all three in a holder. I always assumed they would do that anyway.


Oh, and someone mentioned bringing this out in silver. Yes! That should have been done. 90% coin silver. Three coin set. I’d buy in an instant.


On ebay this morning Friday September 9, 2016 @ 10:34 AM, some buyer actually paid an astonishing $799.99 for a 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Quarter as item #152234762739. This is the highest price paid for that coin ungraded. The irony is that the gold coin can still be ordered directly from the U.S. Mint for $485 + $4.95 shipping.


Are they a legitimate buyer, though? Some are shills and some are fake bids to raise the appearance of resale value.


I am just surprised these commemorative Standing Liberty Quarters have a date on them, Nearly all of the ones I have seen came without a date.


On ebay this morning Friday September 9, 2016 @ 10:34 AM, for the sale of the 2016-W Standing Liberty Centennial Gold Quarter item #152234762739 was not an auction among competing bidders. Instead the sale was Buy It Now for $799.99..

Seth Riesling

Mike Unser –

Thanks for the updated info & your insightful analysis of this new issue coin.
Much appreciated!



I’m thrilled they had the HHL. Allowed me to order an SQL at 330p EST today. I would not have had a chance if the HHL had not been 1.

Jack Fudd

—Mammoth September 9, 2016 at 2:49 pm
I am just surprised these commemorative Standing Liberty Quarters have a date on them, Nearly all of the ones I have seen came without a date.—

I hope you’re not saying that you think OLD WORN LIBERTY QUARTERS WITH THE DATES RUBBED OFF were standard !!??

Tell me you’re not thinking that…..LOL !!!

Michael Bodge

Gold coins in general from mint is over priced so most people can’t afford them in one payment that’s where big dealers like coin vault etc. Offer 2 pay options for fixed income people and even young collectors, I think when a coin sells out in record time it’s better for value than it loosing it’s mojo in days of stagnation, I think the flippers are most of sales for gold coins 500 and above.


What a beautiful coin design. For my investment coins I stick to a mintage of a 150 or less. Paying top dollar for a rare coin is the cost of collecting history and beauty. To me, any coin over a mintage of a 1000 is for beauty and the love of collecting only. Not all coin will provide profit, and shopping on ebay is a dangerous piece of business. I stick to mints and reputable coin and bullion dealers only.



All order over $300. Or containing gold or platinum automatically get upgraded to expedited delivery with adult signature required Reference us mint website.


@Jack Fudd – In my previous post I was just injecting a little bit of humor into the thread. But most of the Standing Liberty Quarters I’ve seen do indeed have their date worn off. While the coin’s design is beautiful, it was a flaw to place the date high above the ‘fields’ where it would wear off. The Buffalo Nickel also had this issue as well. BTW – the diameter of the nickel is 21.21 mm and the Standing Liberty Quarter’s diameter is 24.3 mm. However, the diameter of the 2016 gold commemorative Standing Liberty Quarter is 22.00 mm… Read more »

Richard R.

I’m glad I was able to get mine! It was a breeze to get it. Glad they set the household limit to only 1. Got my dime already, will be buying half dollar as well.


This SLQ 24k 25c has same 22mm diameter as the American Eagle 22k $10:


I was happy to pay additional $50 to the US Mint for SLQ 24k 1/4 oz versus the 22k $10 American Eagle.

Carl S.

I got 2 of the gold dimes in April and want to get 2 quarters also and found one for $535 on eBay so bought it Sept 7 at 18:45 PDT. The seller cancelled the deal after 15 minutes and refunded the $535 saying priced incorrectly. Seller relisted for $635 and had another at $700 and later changed both for $800. They close today at 6:45 and 7:12 PM PDT. I ordered one from the mint and hope to get the other if possible at a reasonable price. I also hope to get 2 of the gold half dollar coins… Read more »


I feel for you Carl. I have purchased bullion / numismatic coins from a reputable Canadian dealer (as I am Canadian) where they mistakenly priced the product below its intended value. They honored the sale as they would for any Bullion product, as when the price is agreed, it is locked in. There is a contractual obligation from both the purchaser and seller to honor the trade…that goes for numismatic coins as well (unless the product is not exactly as advertised). Not a fan of Ebay for any numismatic or bullion purchase. Just my preference, and everyone has the right… Read more »



Who is this dealer you’re talking about?


Sorry, I ment to type mouse.


Hi vadim. One of the dealers I purchase through on a regular basis is Canadian Coin Currency / Canadianpmx. Canadian Coin Currency is the numismatic division and Canadianpmx is their Bullion division. I find them to be very professional and their selection of products are out of this world. Pure international dealer and much integrity. I purchased a slabbed/graded American Buffalo MS70 coin for spot as they made an error on the site. They honored the deal. Amazing customer service. Ensured my confidence in their company and felt secure purchasing from them. In the coin world, ones integrity is key.… Read more »

Christopher Williams

Michael Marks-


I just came back from fishing this morning and they are still available from the US Mint for $485.00.

I wonder if any of “those” Ebay buyers will end up with “Buyers Remorse.”

Richard R.

Yup, there still up right now. Add to bag is still there.


The 1 HHL limit worked out incredibly well. It allows the people who want the coin for the sake of the coin to purchase one. If there is a need for a second, it shouldn’t be to hard to find a friend that will order on your behalf. I’m looking for a second but I’ll chose to get mine from an EBay flipper for less than $485 or no deal. If I didn’t have a confirmed order I would buy both on EBay and offer less than $485. Watch out flippers! Lol.


Christopher Williams-

It appears that the $875 coin didn’t sell and has been resisted for much less. The time limit had expired and the listing ended.

There are a lot of coins that have no bids. If you’re looking for a second one, you’ll be able to get it from a flipper for less than US Mint price. Looks like the flippers are getting some of their karma back on this one.


Michael Bodge

These are iconic coins being stuck in a metal that has never happened before silver would be just a re strike of a old design. This version is new and it’s own value in time,i purchased the 2008w gold Buffalo fractional set for 2,500 and people said gold spot was less why buy a pf70 graded when it’s a bullion coin well today that set is worth 12,000+ so put your iconic coins away and see what the future brings

Moshe Benyamini

The gold quarter went on sale on Thursday at noon Eastern time. How did people get them by Friday already? Did the Mint ship out overnight on Thursday? There is one on Ebay that say “In Hand”, not presale, and shows the black box, the gold quarter and the person wrote 9/9/16 on a Post It to show he had the coin on the 9th.


“$12,500” actual sale price ? Here’s a 2008 4 piece Buffalo in PCGS Deep Cameo 70 auction that closed September 4th 2016 for under $6,325 w/ free delivery.


I agree, $2500 issue on the 4 piece set was a great deal back when gold was at $869 an ounce in 2008.


Michael Bodge

Best thing to do if u want to add some value to the 3 coin gold centennial set don’t open mint shipped box and collect all three coins then submit them to be graded and slaved in a three coin early releases set ngc will do it so will pcgs now u have a rare set


Moshe- They certainly would have time to ship on the 8th. I purchased a coin earlier this year with standard shipping and it was on its way the next day. Offer the seller $300 as the starting point. There’s absolutely no need to purchase from EBay unless you are getting the coin for less than US Mint price. Any coin not well below $485 should just be ordered from the US Mint in order to get one that hasn’t been cherry picked. All- Does anyone have a recommendation on where to purchase sold out coins other than EBay? EBay gets… Read more »


So why are people still over paying for the
gold Mercury dimes?


Tim- The people over paying by a lot probably don’t realize you can offer less than the coin cost, or are new coin collectors, or new to eBay, bid by accident, need the coin in a hurry… etc. It looks like most of the prices are stalling in the $240s for the Mercury dime. That’s pretty much the break even price since $24+ goes to EBay/PayPal and there’s also shipping. They’re the big winners on the dime. It seems like the flippers made the market with the 10 HHL. On much lower mintage coins the flippers can corner the market… Read more »

Michael Bodge

Lindy for your collecting advice always know what your looking for try pcgs registry set on your search for 2008w Buffalo set big difference


Yes I love it! I talked to a lady at the 800usamint about why not sell the remaining gold dimes and Anerican Liberty Silver coin and asked to have it taken down or sell them!! She said she will pass on the complaint and she also said a lot of calls on returning coins from the scalpers on the Standing Liberty coin, so the one coin per worked! I just hope the ones that bought large amounts learn not to get so greedy.. Yes the first 20 min to half hour was crazy! I couldn’t order online or call. My… Read more »


Most people don’t seem to understand how coins are worth money over issue price…. Why are 1909 S VDB pennies worth a lot? Because there were only about 484K of them made. Why are 2016 pennies not worth more than 1 cent? Because about 10 Billion made. If this gold quarter has 100K available and less than half of them sold, why collect it if itS going to be worth less than issue price because it’s so common? Why is the 25th anniversary eagle set worth about double issue price? Because it SOLD OUT QUICKLY. This coin should have been… Read more »


So, for you collectibility = investment. Sad. I thought collectibles were fun, as in a hobby. If you ask me, the HHL of 1 should stay forever. That will make the part-time speculators go away.


Good Morning Michael Bodge,

I never considered PCGS registry sets as being something more valuable than PCGS Secure which is the set I linked above.

A $6,000 “value” increase for Registry 4 piece set versus Secure 4 piece set seems extreme to me.
I’ll look into this for my hobby enlightenment.

Thank You ! Lindy

Howie B

Has anyone received a shipping notification for the Standing Liberty ?
I had so much difficulty ordering that I have become paranoid that my order is indeed being ‘processed’

Christopher Williams

I received an email from the US Mint that my order was shipped today.


Mouse what kind of coins do you “collect” with a mintage <150 coins? They cant be US or Canadian issues, that # makes like a 5 or 6 figure coin minimum. You collect 1854-S $21/2 Libs ?? As to 1,500, same applies almost…..are they like Franklin Mint issues?


Howie – I received notification yesterday that my order shpped, however when I right-click on the tracking # it takes me to the UPS website where it says:
“Order Processed. Ready for UPS”

Oh and the order is being shipped regular; i.e. per the $4.95 shipping fee.

Michael Bodge

Thank u for good morning Lindy and I am glad to share this fact, a 70 set and a 70 registry set are a different animal. Anyone can submit a set being ASE anniversary set are a centennial set such as mercury dime,standing liberty quarter,walking liberty half and have it a registry set if they are of highest quality for there condition.

Michael Bodge

I have to agree with whistler, on 150 mintage coins I have collected for ever and I thought that number should only reflect early proof versions but i have lowest proofs ever minted and they are still 300+ unless he collects 1933 gold double eagles are ?


’33 double eagles, bra$her dabloons, 1913 nickels & 1964 Peace dollars most likely


“Budget Shipping •Orders completed by mail, phone, fax, or through the United States Mint Online Catalog have a budget shipping fee of $4.95 per order. •Packages shipped in the continental United States using the United States Mint’s budget shipping option usually arrive within 1 to 2 weeks. Standard Shipping •Orders completed by mail, phone, fax, or through the United States Mint Online Catalog using standard shipping method have a fee of $12.95 per order. •Packages shipped in the continental United States using the United States Mint’s standard shipping option usually arrive within 3 to 6 business days. Expedited Shipping •You… Read more »