Pobjoy Mint and Isle of Man Partnership Ending


Pobjoy-Mint-Logo.jpgThe Pobjoy Mint in March 2017 will no longer represent the Isle of Man as the official producer of their legal tender coins.

"Pobjoy Mint has had a long and fruitful relationship with the Isle of Man that has lasted for over 40 years; we wish them well for the future," Europe’s largest privately owned mint said in a statement released on July 19.

The Isle of Man is a self-governing Britsh Crown dependency that is situated in the Irish Sea between the United Kingdom and Ireland.

The private mint noted that the Isle of Man has announced a reduction in the number of themes that can be produced in a given year, and that this means that many coins will no longer be made.

"We urge our customers to order existing Isle of Man products while stock lasts," the Mint said.

The Pobjoy Mint (www.pobjoy.com) will continue to strike coins for its other issuing authorities that include Ascension Island, British Antarctic Territory, British Indian Ocean Territory, British Virgin Islands, Falkland Islands and South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands.

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Seth Riesling

Buy your cat coins now before they disappear. Meow! The family that owns the private Pobjoy Mint must have upset Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her effigy appears on all modern Isle of Man legal tender coins.



Hang onto your reverse proof angels, expecially your perfectly graded 70’s, collector’s! The value of these will Surely increase! Happy collecting!!!

Seth Riesling

Buford –

Amen! Glad I bought 10 reverse Proof 2016 Angels when they were issued. Beautiful coin!
I wonder what Derek Pobjoy, Taya Pobjoy & the rest of the family did to upset the officials on the Isle of Man. The Pobjoy family’s work with British medal orders goes back 300 years! Their numismatic issues started in 1965 with a Churchill medal.


Danny Morano

No more Angel Coins? Tell me it’s not true please someone say it isn’t so! They are my most favorite and collected coin. I have over 200, including the first ever made. It will be a sad, sad day for coin collectors. How could they do this?

Seth Riesling


The Pobjoy Mint can still issue Angels till March 2017 when their contract ends.