2015 John F. Kennedy Coin and Chronicles Set Release


On deck for release later today is a new Coin & Chronicles Set honoring John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States. Featuring a reverse proof $1 coin, a one-ounce silver medal and a 5-cent stamp, this limited-edition set for $57.95 will sell quickly.

2015 John F. Kennedy Coin and Chronicles Set
The 2015 JFK Coin & Chronicles Set includes a 1964 stamp, a special reverse proof $1 coin, a one-ounce .999 pure silver medal, and an informational booklet

This year’s first two sets sold out within 15 minutes of their launch. The JFK set should last longer since nearly three times more are available. Its product limit was raised to 50,000 from an already higher 25,000 and its household ordering limit was trimmed to 2 from 5. Those changes happened after this year’s first set sold out faster than the Mint expected.

Sales of the 2015 John F. Kennedy Coin & Chronicles Set begin today at noon Eastern Time. Held in its brown presentation folder are:

  • One reverse proof 2015-P John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin.
  • One John F. Kennedy Presidential Silver Medal.
  • One John F. Kennedy 1964 5c postage stamp.
  • An information booklet chronicling JFK’s life, military career and presidency.

Sets Commanding Premiums

Commemorating Harry S. Truman and Dwight D. Eisenhower, this year’s first two Coin & Chronicles Sets are selling in the secondary market at prices ranging from about $160 to $220. Demand for them is driven mostly by their exclusive reverse proof dollar.

2015-P Reverse Proof John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin
U.S. Mint image of the 2015-P Reverse Proof John F. Kennedy Presidential $1 Coin, which is within the JFK Coin & Chronicles Set. The coin was designed and sculpted by Don Everhart, and bears a unique reverse proof finish.

The U.S. Mint has struck Presidential $1 Coins since 2007. This latest set’s reverse proof is only the third from the dollar series, however. Opposite of standard proofs, reverse proofs have frosty fields and raised mirror-like devices.

Photo of 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin
Photo of the 2015-P Reverse Proof Harry S. Truman Presidential $1 Coin from the first 2015-dated Chronicles Set
Photo of 2015-P Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential $1 Coin
Photo of the 2015-P Reverse Proof Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential $1 Coin from the second 2015-dated Chronicles Set

Then there’s the medal. It’s struck on the same silver blanks as those used for the Mint’s flagship American Silver Eagle products. Its designs match those of the JFK bronze inauguration medal from 1961. Obverses or heads side offer a profile of the president.

John F. Kennedy Bronze Inaugural Medal
These two photos show the obverse and reverse John F. Kennedy Bronze Inaugural Medal from 1961
John F. Kennedy Presidential Silver Medal
Here is an image from the United States Mint that shows the John F. Kennedy Presidential Silver Medal

Reverses show the Presidential Seal with the burning torches of liberty on each side and the following excerpt from JFK’s Inaugural Address: "WE SHALL PAY ANY PRICE, BEAR ANY BURDEN, MEET ANY HARDSHIP, SUPPORT ANY FRIEND, OPPOSE ANY FOE TO ASSURE THE SURVIVAL OF LIBERTY. JOHN F. KENNEDY."

The U.S. Mint in Philadelphia makes the silver medals and the reverse proof dollars, but only the dollars have a ‘P’ mint mark.

Photo of Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal
Photo of the Harry S. Truman Presidential Silver Medal from the first 2015-dated Chronicles Set
Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Silver Medal
Photo of the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Silver Medal from the second 2015-dated Chronicles Set


Order the 2015 John F. Kennedy Coin & Chronicles Set from the United States Mint’s online product page right here. Place phone orders using 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

This year’s final set commemorates Lyndon B. Johnson. It has an on-sale date of Oct. 27, 2015 and is listed for the same $57.95 price. It will include a LBJ silver medal, reverse proof $1 coin, and U.S. postage stamp.

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Let the fun begin…


I can’t wait for another website crash that has “absolutely nothing” to do with the product release


It should be very interesting at the least…


I think the us mint makes the people think the website crashes so that the big fellas like HSN get the sets first before us the average collector

Dave Leavitt

I glanced at the pre-sale postings on eBay yesterday. Yes, pre-sale postings. (Mules gobbling up sets for dealers , IMHO ). One of the greedy hoards was demanding $299.99.



I can agree with that, I don’t see how else they get 100+ examples of these “early release ultra rare, never to be seen again” sets.

On another note I was looking on ebay last week for Eisenhower and Hoover prices and somehow there are 10-20 “presale” listings for the unreleased Kennedy sets.

john kruger

I also saw Kennedys on EBay for up to 499.99 presale.. HSN bragged that they had 3000 IKE pr 70-69 for sale..with a house hold limit of 2 I wonder how the Mint explains that,,oh thats right they got a little “agreement” Mint doesnt need to explain anything..I’m sorry that this will sour so many people to the hobby of coin collecting…prediction…disinterest in the crap the mint now sells will come with peoples closets full of worthless junk thinking why did I ever by this? just my opinion…thank-you

Christopher Williams

I got my two, but there were a few hiccups along the way.


Hiccups is the word of the day! Got my 2 though!


I got two and my brother got two. A few hiccups but smoother than some previous orders.


Not as bad as the Eisenhower experience but still got disconnected 4 times.

Joe Coincollector

I was a few minutes late but I had no problems whatsoever. I have my 2.


Logged in at 12:07 and finished order by 12:08.
Tried to look at order history but got a message that history is unavailable.
Still waiting for e-mail acknowledgement.

Dave Leavitt

Got mine, took seven minutes. A few glitches, but kept refreshing. Then the agreement check box disappeared, twice. These Mint sales are always good for getting the heart pumping.


looks like it’s backordered now.


finally went threw at 12:15 got 2 on backorder


Much to my surprise I had no problems. Wish it was like that all the time.


Of course I don’t like that its still available at 48 mins after the start of sale. I want our values to go up, up, up!

steve kirby

I signed on way early and was kicked out at 11AM, it took me a few minutes to sign back on, I kept getting this page cannot be displayed, once I was in I ordered the set and was kicked back out again, every step I did I was knocked back out, paying for the item I kept getting errors. After about 10 minutes I had me set and a order number.


It looks like doubling the mintage will make this a low dollar set.


I think the original mintage of 25,000 would have been fine. Probably would have sold out in a hour or 2. With 50,000 made…I don’t see this set selling out in the near future. Still glad to get the sets though.


I too got this “Page not Found” message at least 10 times ,, it started when I tried to put the items in the shopping bag … did 2 refreshes and it showed that they were there, went to the check out screen … jittery screen for a while … tried to use a card (on file with the Mint) and it wouldn’t accept got “Page not Gound” did 2 refreshes … no deal, I hit backspace and went to the second CC which I use often with the Mint and got the details filled in automatically, put in my… Read more »


Back-ordered,might have chance not get any of it


ebay seller 1abfer was able to sell for $185 each of four JFK sets listed as item #291546710354 as pre-sales last month on August 23 & 25, 2015. That means $185/$57.95 = 3.19X, i.e., an Instant 219% Windfall Profit each.

Mike Unser (CoinNews.net)

Sales Update: The Mint said it sold 25,000 sets in the first 10 minutes. Sales totaled over 40,000 sets after the first hour.


At 1:44 pm Pacific these sets still have availability from the primary source (US Mint)why in heck is anyone paying the premium.The bay listings are all over the place$115. To the sky.When the rubber hits the road I wouldn’t doubt they will settle around $100 or less


I nodded out waiting at my computer and woke up around 1:50 pm and managed to order two sets wth no problem. Just checked at 5:15 pm and the sets are still available. I suspect that there aren’t more than a few thousand diehard collectors of these things and the rest of us are just flipping them.


I didn’t even bother to order until 4:15 EDT since I’m not really enthused about this offering. I figured if there were any left later I would order one. I got my verification an hour later. I just can’t get excited with the Presidental Dolkar series. It’s never going to be worth much anyway. I doubt if a person selling the MS and Proofs would even get what they paid for the set. The Reverse Proofs are the only ones that will command any premium and have a chance at increasing, maybe as time goes by. I doubt if I’m… Read more »

Christopher Williams

At 5:51PM EST, the “2015 Kennedy Coin & Chronicles” sets are still available.


Nothing Kennedy seemed to have done well. Not the 2014 silver set, which I thought was beautifully packaged. Not the .75 oz Gold and not this. Funny, all the other Chronicles series sold out in minutes, yet this one is still sitting on the site. My guess, possibly to the end of the year. Maybe the Mint’s speculation on its appeal or their greed to increase the mintages is the problem. Who knows.


Shipping notified!!!
Updated my posting in Ebay…BANG! SOLD!
Fast US MINT! Thank you


Got 2 after 1 hour, I forgot @ 9am (PDT) backorder for Oct. but so was Jackie & I got them over a month ago! By the way FDR sets are still available…..rev proof Prez $1 oooh a what 4 coin set….maybe @ most shows the Presidential $ collectors are few & far between, who want to spend real $$


@Colec “Nothing Kennedy seemed to have done well. Not the 2014 silver set, which I thought was beautifully packaged. Not the .75 oz Gold ..” I too thought the 2014 set was beautifully packaged … but maybe the Mint just got too greedy and had a high mintage (did the Mint increase if after launch?) . Same thing with the Gold high mintage …. the only offering of the 3 specials that sold out was the clad set at 200k. I had gotten a survey from the Mint before the launch and when I indicated I might not buy the… Read more »


I like these offerings,if only the dad gum mint would get the numbers even close to right.Ive said it before.30-35 thou and leave it alone.The interest is there but they have no clue what the base line is.

Marty Katz

HSN does not have a secret arrangement with the mint. They have a huge customer base. They offer to buy the sets at a profit from them. Therefor many of the sets sold in the first minutes are buying to make a quick sale. A lot of work for the company and the individuals involved, but the profit motive makes it work.


Signed in 45 minutes early. Bought first coin 12:03 Decided instead of ordering 2 at say time like IKe Order one my HSI was crawling central IL. Got confirmation snapped pic. Went back to home selected set got to quick order push confirmed button 5 mins spun nothing hit refresh started order again 8 after confirm button nothing locked up watched spin, pushed button again nothing at confirm. Figured by that time. Network TV and large coin dealers had got thru, checked orders nothing no emails. Tried one more time still spun at 13 after. Gave up, called mint said… Read more »


Maybe the trick to getting in separate boxes is to add I is it thank u or greeting card? Never used that option has anyone else?

Christopher Williams

It’s Thursday morning and the set is still available at the US Mint.

Christopher Williams

It looks like they may be on Back Order.

The Re-stock date is October 15th.


This whole thing about the Kennedy half dollars, I feel, is obscene conspiracy. Shame on the U.S. Mint. Their last-minute increase in the production only helped dilute the popularity of the Kennedy coins. Last year the U.S. Mint made a “big mistake” and caused the 50th anniversary products to be dumped right away in the secondary market. Their continued “mistake” this year is already making buyers turn their backs to the Kennedy Coin and Chronicles Sets. Look at eBay. Kennedy dollars are so popular that the Mint wants everyone to have one to twinkle in their hand? Really? Do they… Read more »


Experienced pretty much the same problem Tinto had. It took a while for the chronicle set item to appear on the sale page. Finally able to order my 2 sets. One to keep one to sell. I had an easier time getting the Truman and Ike sets.

Christopher Williams

This is unbelievable…

Selling the “2015 Lyndon Johnson Coin & Chronicles” set on pre-sale already.



This is just a question I have about the mint and their 2 pc, limit on the coin and chronicles for the Eisenhower CC. How can a person go onto E-Bay and see someone that has an unopened sealed box with 4 sets in the box. Can anyone tell me how it is done? Also there is a guy out there on E-bay that has sold 40 sets. Thats not hard to guess tho. He has 20 friends or more that ordered for him. If you are wondering if I got a set the answer is no and I never… Read more »


ebay seller hpandcc asking price for one of the not yet released 2015 Lyndon B. Johnson Coin & Chronicles Set is an outrageous $265.00 + $11.55 shipping = $276.55 each. That means $265.00/$57.95 = 4.573X. i.e., 357.3% Profit on each set. The coin flipper has listed six sets as being available. If the U.S. Mint ordering limit remains at only two sets per house, then the coin flipper is resorting to proxy purchasing for supply.


Dollar is dollar , what is their real value?
why people really paid couple hundred dollar for the dollar coin , ??
It contain no silver,or gold, for the price of 149.95 , i am better to buy ATB 5oz silver , at least it is a silver value,:)

Christopher Williams

These sets are now selling in the $80.00 range on Ebay.


Dwight and Christopher, you both hit nail on head. I have been in hobbie for 5 years now. Still recall some dumb buys by greedy coin sales men. I guess at time to be totally honest I not only loved coins, but feel tooth line and sinker for the coin education.-:(. Still can’t get out of my mind the FS and ER are just gimmicks to sell coins. Not sure how mint’s produces and then stacks coins, but unless they have warehouses next to big in ground punches that stack coins in room right by press with outdoor shipping bay… Read more »

Christopher Williams

With the Lyndon Johnson Coin & Chronicles set to release in October, who knows what the response will be to that offering.

I’m also wondering if the lesser command for the “Kennedy Coin & Chronicles” set is due to the fact that people who weren’t able to purchase the lower mintage Truman and Eisenhower sets, feel they have no chance to own the complete four-set collection, so they didn’t bother chasing after the “Kennedy” set.


On ebay, recently sold prices for a single 2015 John F. Kennedy Coin and Chronicles Set have dropped from their highest of $185.00 for Buy It Now pre-sale item #291546710354 by 1abfer on four weeks ago on August 23, 2015 down to $77.00 for item #201430583274 auctioned by artook1 two days ago on September 17, 2015 @ 08:36AM. Their official issue price was $57.95 released on September 16, 2015.

Christopher Williams

Dwight, the prices for these sets have definitely dropped dramatically in the last few days.

Some buyers on Ebay paid over $160.00 on the Pre-Sale listings.