2015-W Uncirculated Gold Eagle Sales Open at 2,157


Early demand improved again for the annually issued uncirculated Gold Eagle, a companion collector coin to the United States Mint’s popular bullion American Gold Eagle.

Photo of 2015-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle
Photo of the obverse or heads side of 2015-W Uncirculated American Gold Eagle

Released on Thursday, April 30, this year’s coin drove in with sales of 2,157 by Sunday, May 3. Last year’s release logged early sales of 1,844 and the coin for 2013 opened with 1,448.

Recent issues have certainly enjoyed the support of lower starting prices. This year’s uncirculated Gold Eagle launched at $1,475, with the 2014 coin beginning at $1,575 and the 2013 coin opening at $1,725. Collectible gold coin prices can change weekly, depending on the trending value of gold.

Final sales have climbed for the series as well. The following table lists mintages for uncirculated Gold Eagles since their introduction in 2006.

$50 (1 oz) $25 (1/2 oz) $10 (1/4 oz) $5 (1/10 oz)
2014-W 7,902 N/A
2013-W 7,293
2012-W 5,829
2011-W 8,729
2010-W Not Released
2009-W Not Released
2008-W 11,908 15,682 8,883 12,657
2007-W 18,606 11,455 12,766 22,501
2006-W 45,053 15,164 15,188 20,643


This year’s 2015-W $50 Uncirculated American Gold Eagle is available through the U.S. Mint’s online section of gold coins, located here. Place phone orders using 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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