UHR Gold Coin, Silver Medal Approved; New Silver Eagle Design Out


Two main messages were delivered via a teleconference meeting held Tuesday by the Citizen’s Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC) — YES to a U.S. Mint proposed 2015 24-karat Gold Ultra High Relief (UHR) Coin paired with a matching silver medal and NO to a CCAC recommendation to change the reverse design of American Silver Eagles.

Eagle design and 2009 $20 UHR Gold Double Eagle
The US Mint is considering showcasing the eagle design, shown left, on reverses of a proposed 2015 UHR gold coin. The last UHR gold coin from the Mint was the popular 2009 $20 UHR Gold Double Eagle (the obverse and reverse of which is above). Also under consideration is silver medal with the same designs as the possible gold coin. To complement the reverses of these pieces, the Mint is considering featuring a new, modern rendition of Liberty.

The CCAC offered unanimous support for the two pieces outlined in a U.S. Mint proposal. The UHR gold coin and silver medal could feature a modern rendition of Liberty on obverses with reverses bearing a new eagle design the CCAC recommended for American Silver Eagles.

In provided background information for the possible collectibles, the U.S. Mint stated that it is not pursuing a new design for American Silver Eagles but that it opted instead to "consider showcasing the beauty and intricacies" of the recommended design on a potential 2015 24k Gold UHR Coin and silver medal. Members of the CCAC strongly supported the idea.

"I am personally very excited about what’s been proposed here," commented Citizen’s Coinage Advisory Committee Chairman Gary Marks.

If struck, the UHR gold coin would be the first issued by the United States Mint since the release of the 2009 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin. Collectors will recall that this coin features a recreation of the Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ 1907 $20 Double Eagle gold piece designs.

The 2015 UHR gold coin would be struck in one troy ounce of 24-karat gold with a denomination to be determined. Authority to produce it would be sought from the Secretary of the Treasury under the authority granted in 31 U.S.C. § 5112(i)(4)(C). The silver medal’s authorization would be obtained under 31 U.S.C. § 5111 (a) (2).

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So apparently the CCAC got enough heat about their redesign of the ASE that they changed their recommendation. Good for them, I guess they’re listening.

Sorry Saint-Gaudens but I like the new proposed eagle better than the original. Starting a new series of UHR releases every 5-6 years with a different reverse each release?

From a distance it looks to me like the face of Lady Liberty has some kind or robotic/alien origin mask already. That would definitely be a modern rendition.


the new eagle proposed looks great, I am a buyer on the coin.


Also in favor of this series.
It will not reduce the value of the 2009 UHR. It will increase it. The 2009 now becomes the 1st in the series. Get one now if you don’t have one.


I own the 2009 but doubt if my finances will allow me to continue the series. I must say, though, the redesigned eagle is beautiful. When all is said and done, I doubt that we will ever see it on the coin. Too bad, it is really nice.


Awww, you can do it. It’s just one oz. of gold and whenever they release the coins they’ll probably give plenty of time for everybody and their brother to save up and buy in.


Well crap, I hate they didn’t change the design of the ASE. Unfortuantly the bullion variety of the ASE is not worth much more than scrap value and a design change would have definitely, as RonnieBGood mentioned in his comment above, increase the value of the pre-2014’s and also the 2015’s. Now, we don’t have much more than a silver trade round in value. Maybe they will find a new design they like and approve it next time.