2012-W $50 Proof Gold Eagle Sells Out, Leaving 4-Coin Set

2012-W $50 American Eagle Gold Proof Coin
The 2012-W $50 Proof Gold Eagle sold out Tuesday. Only the four-coin set remains.

No more individually sold 2012-W Proof American Gold Eagles are available. The last and the largest of the four singly sold 22-karat gold coins went off sale.

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2013, the U.S. Mint stamped "sold out" on the online page for the one-ounce 2012-W $50 Proof Gold Eagle, leaving only the four-coin set as an option for buyers.

This latest sellout marks the third one for the month. Released on April 19, 2012 in four sizes and the four-coin set, the $50 Gold Eagle joins the smallest one-tenth ounce $5 coin that disappeared Friday, the one-quarter ounce $10 coin that sold out toward the start of the year and the one-half ounce $25 coin that went off-sale in November.

Collectors still wanting the Gold Eagles can get them by ordering the four-coin set, but it will cost more at $3,585.50. This price can change depending on the market value of gold, but the earliest that could happen is next Wednesday, Jan. 23, 2013. Gold has climbed in recent days but not to the degree required for a price change this week.

A CoinNews.net article on Monday discussed the pace of the sellouts. Since then, the U.S. Mint published the latest sales figures as of Jan. 14, 2013. The comparison table in Monday’s article follows again in this one but with updated sales stats.

2011 vs. 2012 Proof American Gold Eagle Sales

  2011 2012 Notes
$50 Proof Gold Eagle 30,000 14,296 Sold Out
$25 Proof Gold Eagle 8,066 3,962 Sold Out
$10 Proof Gold Eagle 10,381 4,969 Sold Out
$5 Proof Gold Eagle 24,000 11,680 Sold Out
4-Coin Proof Gold Eagle Set 18,873 5,735 2012 Available


To place an order for the four-coin set, visit the U.S. Mint product page located here, or call the bureau directly at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Well, it looks like there are exactly half the number of mintage limits on each product. I wonder if this limited mintage is intentional so that the demand for the 2013 is accelerated, all this when all metals are expected to go up. This way the mint could then forecast better and actually strike to the limits this year. For all those got their 2012 products, hold on to them, better still get em graded cuz what you have is VERY limited. Good luck!


“…cuz what you have is VERY limited” — and you know the 2013 mintages will be much bigger how? Maybe the mint is taking a new tack and selling coins only in the year minted instead of as with the 2011 coins offering them way beyond their year. Eight months is plenty of time to sell any coin(s) to all the people that want them – then it’s time to start with the next year. I think someone has finally taken charge of the US Mint and is making some decisions to put the Mint back on track. It’s certainly… Read more »