Northern Mariana Islands Quarters Mintages Scarcest


The latest United States Mint coin mintage or production figures are out and the biggest revelation is the reported numbers for the newly released Northern Mariana Islands Quarters. The quarter-dollars are now officially the scarcest of all 2009 quarters, or of any of the 50 State Quarters for the matter.

2009 Quarter Mintages: Northern Mariana Islands Quarters Lowest

2009 Quarters
District of Columbia 88,800,000 83,600,000 172,400,000
Puerto Rico 86,000,000 53,000,000 139,200,000
Guam  42,600,000 45,000,000 87,600,000
American Samoa 39,600,000 42,600,000 82,200,000
U.S. Virgin Islands 41,000,000 41,000,000 82,000,000
Northern Mariana Islands 37,600,000 35,200,000 72,800,000
2009 Total Quarter Production:   636,200,000


72,800,000 Northern Mariana Islands quarters were produced, with 35.2 million of those struck in Philadelphia and 37.6 million at Denver. That accounts for just 88.6 percent of the prior US Virgin Islands quarter production run. But for the starkest contrast, it represents just 42.2 percent of the mintage totals for this year’s first issued DC quarter.

Prior to today’s revelation, collectors had focused on the 2009-D American Samoa Quarter as the scarcest of the coins with its 39.6 million mintage level.

Total production this year has declined with each succeeding quarter design, although a leveling appeared to be occuring with the US Virgin Islands’ just 200,000 shy of the prior American Samoas’. 2009 US quarter production stands at 636,200,000. That is a very pale comparison to the state quarter mintages, which came in at 2,438,200,000 during 2008 alone. The 2009 level is just 26.1 percent of 2008’s.

Given this latest news, more eyes may turn to the bags and rolls of Northern Mariana Islands quarters the US Mint began selling on Nov. 30. With all other things being equal, a more scarce coin tends to be more desirable. Inaugural sales numbers for these are expected from the US Mint this week.

As a snapshot, here are the US Mint sales figures for the no longer sold 2009 quarter bags and rolls:

US Virgin Islands Quarter

100-Coin Bag (P) 7,203 14,240
100-Coin Bag (D) 7,037
1000-Coin Bag (P) 1,219 2,400
1000-Coin Bag (D) 1,181
Two-Roll Set 31,925 31,925

American Samoa Quarter

100-Coin Bag (P) 7,325 14,510
100-Coin Bag (D) 7,185
1000-Coin Bag (P) 1,499 2,933
1000-Coin Bag (D) 1,434
Two-Roll Set 33,865 33,865

Guam Quarters

100-Coin Bag (P) 13,012 25,349
100-Coin Bag (D) 12,337
1000-Coin Bag (P) 1,487 2,821
1000-Coin Bag (D) 1,334
Two-Roll Set 38,231

Puerto Rico Quarters

100-Coin Bag (P) 20,000 37,295
100-Coin Bag (D) 17,295
1000-Coin Bag (P) 1,047 2,000
1000-Coin Bag (D) 953
Two-Roll Set 41,669

DC Quarters

100-Coin Bag (P) 8,304 18,698
100-Coin Bag (D) 10,394
1000-Coin Bag (P) 653 1,357
1000-Coin Bag (D) 704
Two-Roll Set 31,021



For more information on the coin, also see Northern Mariana Islands Quarter.

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marcus applewhite

I have a northern Mariana islands one sided mint defective quarter it is only the tails side and the other heads side is blank copper I was wondering the rarity of such coin some info would be nice….


I don’t know but it sound really cool. I’ll give you $5 for it.


only 72,800,000 made! WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!