Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set Values


US Mint Lincoln Coin and ChroniclesThe Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set was issued by the US Mint on Oct. 15 and 50,000 promptly sold out within 30 hours.

While many collectors on release day experienced anguishing moments due to ordering hiccups at the hands of the Mint, they are smiling more these days.

The Lincoln coins are desirable, the set packaging attractive, and Mint came through with rapid shipping.

Better, and this never hurts, the sets are commanding more than double their $55.95 issue price in the secondary market.

An analysis (see chart below) of over 1,000 eBay auctions from Oct. 14 through Nov. 2 indicate that the quantity of sets sold is increasing, yet their premiums are remaining strong. The continuing demand has been a boon for sellers.

Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set Values

There does appear to be some good news for collectors looking to step into the market and make a purchase. While the selling prices have averaged just over $155 per during the last three weeks, they are beginning to settle. Prices are currently hovering around the $130 level.

$130 is hardly cheap when compared to the $55.95 Mint issue price (plus $4.95 for shipping and handling). Then again, it is better than the nearly two dozen collectors who paid between $319 and $500 for one.

Interestingly, more than 75 percent of Chronicles sets listed on eBay have sold. And of the more than 1,000 auctions we looked at, each listing averaged about five bids.

To check out current listings and bid prices, see Lincoln Coin & Chronicles Sets on eBay.

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Greetings, Ordered my set on Oct. 15th @ about 2:50 PM and received it 11 days later on Oct. 26th. Great shipping time! A local coin dealer indicated to me about the price that the sets are going for on ebay [for one site]. The prices he said reflect the prices mentioned in this article. As we were talking, he said that he thinks the prices on the after market will hang at about what they are now and then as the Christmas holiday rolls around that the prices realized on the after market will go up at that… Read more »


i purchased mine when it first came out….i am hoping that the value will go up to at least $500 in the near future


coins are $60 for silver proof and $7 for pennies. I will get when back to $75. leather case is not worth $60.


Rob, whatever…..don’t think so…..

Nicholas A Szempruch

I have also tracked the auction listing of this set. During the week of 11/2/09 your 11/9/02 the average price of the radum sets i tracked are as follows. 1st day average $135.51 2nd day average $134.10 3rd day average $130.60 4th day average $129.09 5th day average $131.98 The average “Windfall” profit per set for the five days is $72.79. per set 9 days later 11/11/09 – 11/14/09 the average sale price was $141.98 the average sale price was $144.50 the average sale price was $148.89 the average sale price was $147.96 Interesting to note the number of sets… Read more »