Rare 1923 Australian Half Penny Coin Sells for $500,000


Coinworks has just sold the Proof 1923 Halfpenny for a world record price of $500,000. The only proof example of Australia’s rarest halfpenny available to collectors, the iconic copper was quickly snapped up by a prominent Sydney family.

Australian Proof 1923 Halfpenny

The family’s story is not merely one of Australian history, but how a passion for collecting can comfortably co-exist with informed investment.

One member of the family spearheads the interest in rare coins, that interest commencing at the age of seven when the grandmother died, leaving a small tin of sovereigns. The grandmother’s gift seeded a collecting spirit that endures to this day; the sovereigns still part of the family’s holding.

The family members share a passion for history, their forebears having arrived as free settlers in the penal colony of New South Wales in 1855. Driven by that passion and their quest for rarity, the family has acquired some of Australia’s greatest coins, guided in their choices by Coinworks.

Because Australians love their coppers, the Proof 1923 Halfpenny will take a special place in their holding. But it won’t be the only talking point in a collection that includes another very famous copper, the Proof 1930 Penny.

Top silver coins are well represented by the 1920 Pattern Star Florin and 1920 Pattern Star Shilling, the 1919 Pattern Shilling, 1788 Holey Dollar and Dumps and a cased 1916 Specimen-Proof Set. Gold has not been forgotten with a superb 1852 Adelaide Pound and the 1855 Proof Sovereign and Half Sovereign pair.

While the half million paid for the Proof 1923 Halfpenny may seem to be a bit mind numbing, the coin has been acquired at a price level that will embrace growth.

The Proof 1923 Halfpenny made its first public appearance at an Australian auction in July 1998 sharing the catalogue’s front cover with another great rarity, the 1924 £1000 banknote. While the 1923 Proof Halfpenny sold for $89,100 in July ‘98, the same auction enticed a buyer to pay $94,600 for the £1000. As a point of comparison, that same £1000 banknote sold in 2007 for 1.22 million. (12.8 times the price paid in ‘98) You do the math!

And there are plenty more examples out of this July 1998 auction to suggest that the new buyer has spent their half million wisely. A Proof 1923 Penny sold in the same auction for $9900. Value today is $100,000.

We sold a Proof 1951 Perth Penny a few months ago for $53,000; the same coin selling in 1998 for $7040. So too the Type 9 Square Penny that was bought for $16,500 and now commands $160,000. Which tells us that, in the main, top proofs and patterns are today valued between seven to ten times the prices realised in July 1998.

Over the years the family has made some very gutsy decisions with their buys, such as the purchase of the Proof 1930 Penny for $620,000. They admit that at the time they were shocked at the price being asked for a single coin. And yet, many years on, they have spent a comparable amount to acquire its small denomination counterpart, the Proof 1923 Halfpenny.

They have never veered from their buying principles. The family chooses their coins as they choose their real estate … wisely. That means targeting those coins that combine historical relevance with high quality and rarity in the knowledge that it is these coins that will ultimately fulfil the family’s investment objectives.

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That family sound so passionate about collecting their coin. Nowadays, it is hard to find a rare coin and with a beautiful coin like that it is certainly a worthy investment.
Thank you for sharing this one.


My family have the exact same coin but made in 1921 not 1923 so should my coin have more value and be more rarer than this one posted?

One Half Penny 1921
Posted: One Half Penny 1923

Mark Bickel

I have a 1924 half penny, looks exactly like the 1923 half penny.How can I get more info.


Due to the odd number of the 1923 half penny and the amount made by the mint the 1923 half penny is worth much more..

The year of the coin doesn’t necessarily determine its value, to find out more info research!




I have a 1929 half penny anyone know the value


I have possesion of a 1923 (One PENNY) Commonwealth of Australia GEORGIVS V.D.G.BRITT:OMN:REX F.D.IND.IMP.
Could you please advise me what the value could be




i got a 1924 AUSTRAILAIN ONE HALF pennie can any one tell me how much it is worth?


i have 1924 australia one penny how much it worth?

james d evans

i have a 1923 Australian one penny, in excellant condition [ i don’t know the grades ], could anyone tell me what it could be worth ?

Jiten Mhatre

I have 1921 One Half Penny of Commonwealth of Australia, can you tell me how much it worth today?


I have 1921 One Half Penny ,anyone tell me how much it worth now?

james d evans

how many of the 1923 Australian one penny’s were minted and what makes them worth so much money ?


Can you see Australia’s coin ? If anyone interested to buy please feels free to contact me at supraneemn@yahoo.com

Simone Minarelli

Could you please tell me what a 1921 penny is worth?


i have a 1924 half penny,what is it worth


hey i have a how a few soveriegns half pennys and one pennys.
what are the best years in all of these?
there is one particualar sov that is in excellent condition dating 1892 ? what does that mean?


I have a 1924 commonwealth one penny is good condition, about how much would that be worth?


Hi, To all I have a 1923 one penny in good cond,also 1924 one penny and 1934 one penny.Also 1927,1926,1922 one half penny.also 1914,1925,1943 three pence.And 1922,1943,1945 sixpence.Also 1901 English Farthing.And 1874 Farthing.And 1928 Irish Republic 1Shilling.and others,could some one please tell me of the value.


I have three Australian half pennys

1920 with picture of person holding three pronged fork.
all appear to have been in circulation. can you please advise their worth.
thankyou, Gaye Adomeit


I have a Commonwealth of Australia One Penny 1914 coin. Do you think it has value? If so how much.

Please advise. Thank you.


I have a 1917,1943,1945,and a 1960 half pennies what are they worth.


I’ve just rattled through an old coin tin and found a 1923 halfpenny what would its value be (not new)


Hi Ian,
It would all depend on the grade. In worn circulated condition, say VG, I’d guess about $1000. Price scaling up from there to the half mil for a proof.
For everyone wanting a guesstimate price I’d suggest you check out McDonald’s Coins book. It’s a good place to start. Cheers


I am happy to sell my 1921 one half penny for a fraction of that price.


I have a 1914 Commonwealth of Australia one penny, could you tell me how much is it worth?

Rhonda Bamford

I have a 1929 Australian half penny and would like to know how much it could be worth please.



I have an Australian penny 1911 in excellent condition. An Australian penny 1958 in reasonable condition. An Australian penny 1943 in good condition and an Australian halfpenny 1950 in excellent condition. Could I get a rough value for these?


Hi i have many old coins ,i also have a 1935 half penny in good condition just wondering what they are worth cheers Brett


Hi i have many old coins i need valued…i also have a 1935 half penny what are they worth


Hey I have a 1919 One Penny Georgivs V D C Britt: coin does anyone know what it is worth????

Jodi pitman

Hi, I need some direction. I have quite a few of Australian Shillings dating from 1952 to 1960. Also commonwealth Australian penny dated from 1902 onwards, half penny’s etc, I would like some advice in where to take my coins to get them valued please. Anyone. Help. Thanks for your time Jodi

Jodi pitman

Hi, I need some direction. I have quite a few of Australian Shillings dating from 1952 to 1960. Also commonwealth Australian penny dated from 1902 onwards, half penny’s etc, I would like some advice in where to take my coins to get them valued please. Anyone. Help. Thanks for your time Jodi, oh and I have a half penny dated 1919


Hello i have just found a australian 1924 penny and was wondering how much it is worth


Dehavalynn Alce

I have a 1913 and 1926 Commonwealth of Australia Georgvis V.D.G. britt half penny. How can I find out if these coins are worth something.


I have a 1927 proof half penny, does anyone know how much that may be worth? It’s not in mint condition and has a couple of little scrathes.



hi there not sure if anyone gets answered here but same here i have
1917 one 1/2 penny,1954 1/2 penny,1952 penny, 1957 penny,1943 1/2 penny.
all been in circulation but not damaged.
new zealand 1943,
american one cent 1957.
any ideas on values.


we have 2 1923 half pennys..they are well used, unfortunately,one more than the other..would there still be a value on these..thankyou for your time..

Jeron Hille

I have 3 1939 Half Penny Roo’s in my possession.They are of very good quality and would like to know what they are worth.. I also have nearly the whole collection of 1911-1964 Half Pennies..Can someone tell me where I can get a 1923 half penny for around a $1000 with a Authenticity Certificate by chance..Ready to buy to complete my set and carry on..Keeping for investment purposes..Look forward to anyone who can help me Thank you

cherie gibbs

I have a 1923 half penny, and a 1946 penny I don’t understand the terms
used to describe them, they aren’t mint.


could someone please tell me if any of following coins are worth anything or even keeping
COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA 1911,2X 1913,1920, 2X 1922, 1933,1934

and many many more

Cornelius Seboza

I’ve got a 1943 australian rare half-penny coin sealed Ín a Green/or Blue Sheet uncirculated. Pls advice what its worth/cost is.

Thank you,

Delsiana Garoa

I have 200plus pennies, half pennies, shillings altogether. I want to find a place or auction to sell all of them. Could u advice pls? Thanx


Can someone let me know if the following Australian coins are worth anything ?
Penny coins: Half Penny coins:
1912 1921
1927 1950
1933 1954


hi all to have posted seeking values for their coins, most of the coins you are asking about is worth its bullion value i.e its weight in copper ( a few cents ) even if the coin looks the same, is one year off from a coin you see is worth $100K – it’s still most probably worth next to nothing – unless of course it is great condition. For those of you new to collecting, you would not be able to determine what “great condition” is. It is very subjective and even dealers can disagree on a coin’s condition.… Read more »

Anne Thompson

I have a 1921 half penny, can anyone advise me on what this coin would be worth today.

Sarah Cashion


I found half penny copper (1954) coin Australia while we renovating our house. Front coin (say Elizabeth and back coin Half Penny Australia) I wondering how much it worth for me to sell it please.



I have a 1923 half penny in very good condition how much is it worth and how can I sell it and how would buy it im in Sydney could u please let me know thank u


Hi there fellow collectors,

I was going through my grandfathers coins as he got me started on this he’s no longer with us But I came across a 1934 Brass Georgivs V D.C. Britt. On the other side it’s got a weird tinge of blue depends on the angle of light you hold it under. Anyway it reads commonwealth of Australia One Penny The thing I’ve never seen is its got a clamp type device that protects the coins edge made of the same material.

Can anyone give me an idea what it is that I actually posses.

Regards: Scott



My Nanna has a tin full of pennies including a shilling, half pennies and a Third penny. The oldest date is 1911 but there are so many different dates how can I find out there value?

Any info would be great thanks!