Delcam’s ArtCAM 2009 Revolutionizes the Coinage Industry


With ArtCAM’s new innovative features, coin manufacturers worldwide can dramatically improve their working methods.   

Delcam, one of Europe’s largest CADCAM software development houses, currently provides Mints worldwide with ArtCAM, an intuitive suite of design and manufacturing software for artisans.  ArtCAM Pro, Delcam’s top-end artistic CADCAM software solution has allowed engravers to meet the tight deadlines of hundreds of projects each year by reducing the time taken to a quarter of that required by traditional production techniques.   

ArtCAM Pro designing coin

ArtCAM allows the designer to import 3D models, scanned drawings and photographs, scanned plaster of Paris moulds or files from other CAD packages.  Alternatively they can design directly within the software.  The engraver can then create or manipulate the artwork to make complex and intricate 3D reliefs for the obverse and reverse designs of their coins.

When working on foreign commissioned projects ArtCAM can simply take in import images of different scripts such as Arabic, Chinese or Japanese, thereby reducing the possibility of written inaccuracies and simplifying the overall project.   

To give engravers and sculptors artistic freedom, ArtCAM comes with a range of texture & sculpting tools as well as compatibility with Wacom pressure-sensitive tablets and pens.  These features enable designers to sculpt in a way they are accustomed to whilst benefiting from the speed, efficiency and accuracy of a professional CADCAM software package.   

Delcam’s latest release, ArtCAM 2009, has seen great technological advancements and can dramatically transform the design process for coin dies and moulds. ArtCAM users can tilt and rotate their 3D model to change the viewer’s perspective, to create an illusion of distance between one area and another.  Once happy with the image within seconds ArtCAM’s new ‘Embossing Tool’ can modify a true 3D shape in the same way as a skilled bas-relief engraver to reduce the model’s depth to those typically required for coinage.  The resulting design still maintains the salient details and the illusion of depth from the original model. This fast and efficient tool is ideal for the creation of collector coins, circulation pieces, medals, ingots and tokens.  

Another new and innovative feature in ArtCAM is the ‘Relief Analysis Tool’, which will highlight any sharp edges or discontinuities within the design that could cause subsequent problems in the die. The engraver can easily see and make the necessary design modifications before incurring any timely or costly manufacturing delays.   

As is often the case, at the end of a design process approval is required before machining can take place.  Rather than taking screenshots or sending large cumbersome files that may block e-mail accounts to the authorising parties, ArtCAM’s new PDF viewer can embed a dynamically viewable 3D model of the final design in an efficient, industry-standard and printable document.   

After the approval stage, coin manufacturers can then use the machining wizards to calculate the toolpaths to machine their coin dies and simulate a precise view of how the piece will look machined with their selected tools.  This is extremely useful for pre-empting costly machining errors and allows changes to be made prior to machining.     

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About Delcam

Delcam is one of the world’s leading suppliers of advanced CADCAM software product development solutions. Formally founded in 1977, after initial development work at Cambridge University, UK it now has subsidiaries in North America, Europe and Asia. Delcam’s software is used by more than 20,000 organisations in over 80 countries. 

About ArtCAM

The ArtCAM software product range provides a unique CAD modelling and CNC CAM machining solution. ArtCAM allows the creation of high quality products from 2D artwork faster than ever thought possible. 

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