Fighting Boredom with Coin Magazines: November COINage Magazine Articles


It’s evening, you’ve already browsed around the Internet for your daily online fix, nothing’s good on TV and you’re otherwise bored silly but don’t feel like going out. What do you do?

As a collector, there’s something that just feels good about relaxing with a great coin book or magazine in hand. If you’re like me, sometimes you’ll put off a good read to savor it for later.

Last night was that time for me. I had already read the latest issues of a few favorites, like Numismatic News, Numismatist, and Coin Values.

So it was a good thing that I had just recently received the November issue of COINage magazine and had set it aside for later enjoyment. If not, I’d have been in one of those monotonous predicaments.

November COINage magazine articles

If you haven’t read the issue yet, may I suggest doing so? The main articles are (I grabbed these directly from the COINage website):

  • The Millionaires’ Club
    High-net-worth collectors are contributing to the bull market
    Dom Yanchunas
  • Presidential Dollars: James Madison
    The year’s fourth and final $1 coin is due out this month
    Ron Meyer
  • Dolley Madison
    A new bullion coin commemorates the first lady and her valor
    Ron Meyer
  • Mr. Brenner’s Lincoln: A Profile
    How a Lithuanian engraver became one of America’s most celebrated medallic artists
    Leon Worden
  • Mastering the British Royal Mint
    A conversation with the still-interim deputy master
    Leon Worden
  • The Money of British Monarchs: King James I
    The king is associated with several significant historic events
    R.W. Julian
  • Coin Capsule: 1607
    Jamestown was established to extend British power–and money
    Jon Blackwell
  • Don’t You Dare Polish That Coin!
    Sadly, the pro-polishing movement is international in scope
    Tom DeLorey
  • John Kraljevich Jr.
    John Kraljevich Americana and Numismatics is open for business
    Dom Yanchunas

Each is an interesting read, and will pleasantly pass the time. Of course, I should preface that by saying I’m easily pleased with many coin articles…

Recommended reading for new and experienced coin collectors – Don’t You Dare Polish That Coin!

However, I really enjoyed the article: Don’t You Dare Polish That Coin! The topic certainly isn’t new, but the addition of a few stories and some DO NOT recommendations made it a solid and interesting read even for the experienced numismatist.

If you’re new to coin collecting, thinking about it or have received collectible coins, I highly recommend this article for your "must read" list.

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