Royal Canadian Mint Coins Standing Out from the Crowd


Canadian currency and coins standing out from the crowdThe coinage from the Royal Canadian Mint is among the most unique in the world. A classic example is their new release of a $30 silver coin with a colorful photographic hologram on its reverse that shows Niagara Falls. And it’s a panoramic view, no less.

Granted, it’s a collector coin with a limited production of only 15,000 coins. Yet still, there’s some innovative thinking in style happening behind the scenes in the Canadian Mint that you don’t see from the U.S. Mint or, for that matter, is currently allowed by Congress.

This new coin isn’t the Canadian Mint’s first holographic offering. In browsing their coins, it looks like it’s only a small sampling of what must be some serious technical achievements in coin creation and production. They’re standing out from the crowd.

Admittedly, in the past I’ve never been a huge fan of colorized coins, coin effects and the general like. But what the Royal Canadian Mint produces is eye-opening and worthy of watching. If you haven’t recently, I’d encourage you to visit their website and look at some of their products.


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