Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential $1 Coins – Ending Sales and Mintages

September 16, 2012

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Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential $1 Coin Rolls

Ending sales for rolls of Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential $1 coins are now known.

Rolls of the circulation quality dollars were released by the U.S. Mint on August 18, 2011. The Mint stopped selling them a bit after it released Benjamin Harrison Presidential dollars in rolls, bags and boxes on August 16, 2012.

Sales of Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential $1 coins have not been revised since early September, with the U.S. Mint in its September 10, 2012 sales report simply saying that the Hayes Presidential $1 rolls are no longer available, or "NLA." The last published sales figures as of September 3, 2012 have:

  • 2011-P Rutherford B. Hayes 25-Coin Rolls from Philadelphia with ending sales of 28,603
  • 2011-D Rutherford B. Hayes 25-Coin Rolls from Denver with ending sales of 27,446

These combine to 715,075 (P) dollars and 686,150 (D) dollars for an overall sales total of 1,401,225.

Mintages for Rutherford B. Presidential Dollars

The sales do not account for all the dollars produced by the United States Mint. The bureau’s Hayes $1 coin production figures revealed mintages of 36.82 million from Denver and 37.66 million from Philadelphia. Combined, the mintages total to 74.48 million coins, well above the 1.4+ million sold within the rolls.

Unlike 2012 Presidential $1 coins, 2007-2011 dollars were produced for placement into circulation for commerce, and there mintages are therefore significantly higher.

$1’s for circulation were halted in late 2011 as Federal Reserve vaults have too many of the older dollars already piled up. New Presidential $1 coins are only produced for coin collectors, and sold within rolls, bags and 250- and 500-coin boxes. That means sales of these products will be much closer to mintages.

For a perspective on how $1 mintages have fallen this year, the production total from January to August 2012 for all four 2012 Presidential $1 coins is just 44,040,002.

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