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Canadian 2012 Titanic Commemorative CoinsThe Royal Canadian Mint on Monday unveiled a series of commemorative coins that pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the RMS Titanic.

In 1912, the luxurious Titanic was known as the unsinkable ship. An unfortunate collision with an iceberg, however, proved otherwise. Sailing on her maiden voyage from Southampton, England to New York, USA, she sank on April 15, 1912 in the North Atlantic off the coast of Newfoundland. Tragically, 1,517 of the 2,223 passengers died [...]


Canadian $20 Polar Bear Silver Coin2012 Canadian $20 Polar Bear Silver Coins are no longer available from the Royal Canadian Mint, having sold out just like the previous two issues in the "$20 for $20" commemorative series.

Each coin was sold to the public for $20, enabling buyers to get a $20 legal tender coin that is struck from 99.99 percent silver at face value. Making it more attractive, the Royal Canadian Mint sold the coins HST/GST/PST tax exempt.

This series has proven extremely popular with coin collectors and [...]


2012 Canadian Collector CoinsThe Royal Canadian Mint is pleased to introduce exciting new gold, silver and base metal keepsakes inspired by Canada’s historical, cultural and artistic heritage by launching its first collector coins of 2012.

Leading this impressive array are the 2012 Proof and Brilliant Silver Dollars, as well as two new Proof Sets, which pay an unforgettable tribute to the 200th anniversary of the War of 1812.

Other coins offer a fascinating look at new and old stories of Canada such as [...]


Royal Canadian Mint 10-Kilo 99.999 Pure Gold CoinThe Royal Canadian Mint is proud to announce it has crafted the world’s first 10-kilo 99.999% pure gold coin and that this exquisite numismatic creation has been dedicated to Bill Reid’s The Spirit of Haida Gwaii; one of the most celebrated masterpieces of Canadian art.

The bold contours of the sculpture commissioned in 1985 for the Canadian Embassy in Washington, D.C., are precisely captured in an ultra-high relief engraving, unique in the world of numismatic art for its sculptural quality. This first-ever Canadian coin to bear a $100,000 face value was unveiled [...]

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2011 $20 Canoe Silver CoinCollectors who may be interested but have not yet purchased the commemorative Canadian $20 Canoe Silver Coin may want to now, as the $20 coin sold for $20 is approaching a sell out.

The $20 Canoe silver coin is the second issue in a Royal Canadian Mint commemorative series that features coins sold at face value. The first, depicting a series of maple leafs, had a mintage of 200,000 and sold out in 29 days. The commemorative Canoe coin’s mintage was raised to 250,000, and 79 percent of them have already been sold in 27 days, the Royal Canadian Mint announced Monday [...]


2011 Parks Canada Centennial $1 circulation coinDid you know that the Royal Canadian Mint’s high-tech plant in Winnipeg produces over 1 billion circulation coins every year? That’s like 20 million coins per day or 750 coins per second.

Even though the Mint has produced coins for more than 70 countries in the last 35 years, this article is all about its world-renowned Canadian circulation coins. You know the coins — you find them in your change and use them for tips, parking meters, vending machines and so much more [...]


2011 Parks Canada Centennial $1 circulation coinThe Royal Canadian Mintis pleased to cap off the celebration of Parks Canada’s centennial year by unveiling five new commemorative circulation coins which immortalize Canadians’ pride in their legendary natural heritage and capture their trademark passion for the great outdoors.

The commemorative circulation coins unveiled by Canadian government officials and representatves of Parks Canada and the Mint, at a public ceremony hosted at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec include [...]


Royal Canadian Mint's Newest 2011-2012 Collector CoinsAs Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II prepares to celebrate an unprecedented 60 years as Canada’s monarch and after "The Great One" reached a new milestone by turning 50 in 2011, the Royal Canadian Mint is excited to release an array of collector coins based on these and other distinctly Canadian themes.

The countdown to Her Majesty’s Diamond Jubilee is being marked by several 2012-dated coins: a $300 face value 99.999% pure gold featuring the world’s first genuine diamond insert; a 99.99% pure 1/10 ounce gold coin and a $20 fine silver coin featuring the Royal Cypher; and a $20 fine silver coin featuring the profiles of Queen Elizabeth II and HRH Prince Philip.

The Royal Canadian Mint’s tribute to Wayne and Walter Gretzky features: a 22-Karat gold coin featuring Wayne Gretzky sporting his [...]


2011 RCMP Gold Bullion CoinThe Royal Canadian Mint announced the scheduled September release of a 2011 RCMP gold bullion coin honoring the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Details of the bullion coin were provided along with an announcement of the 2012 Cougar silver bullion coin, the third in a chain of six coins in its Canadian Wildlife series.

Both coins represent the artistry and the purity for which the Royal Canadian Mint is known. This includes the Cougar bullion coin having a composistion of .9999 (99.99%) fine silver and the RCMP Gold bullion coin struck from .99999 (99.999%) pure gold [...]

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2012 Canadian Cougar Silver Bullion Coin

The Royal Canadian Mint’s six-coin, three-year Canadian Wildlife silver bullion series will feature its third release next month when the 2012 Silver Cougar Bullion Coin is issued.

Details of the strike were recently announced by the Mint, including its expected September 2011 release and 1,000,000 limited mintage.

Like the first two issues featuring a grizzly and depicting a wolf, the Cougar silver bullion coin is [...]


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