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The latest coin news and information on Canadian coins and Royal Canadian Mint products, including new coin releases, coin prices, images and planned product launches. Also, make sure to check out the listing of some of the Mint’s most popular or unique coins for 2013 and 2014.

2015 Victory Coin from Legacy of the Canadian Nickel SeriesThe Royal Canadian Mint released the 2015 5-Cent Victory Silver Coin, the third of six issues from its Legacy of the Canadian Nickel series.

Honoring historic 5-cent issues and sold by subscription, each coin of the series depicts a different Canadian nickel used since 1908 […]

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Canadian 2015 Summer Storm Coin Glows Under Black LightNature’s immense power is on display with a new coin and subscription option from the Royal Canadian Mint. Making its debut is the proof 2015 $20 Summer Storm 1 oz. Fine Silver Coin, the first of four releases from the Mint’s Weather Phenomenon series.

Featured on the reverse of the one-ounce, 99.99% pure silver coin is a lightning-themed design that shows enhanced detail under black light […]


2015 $20 Canadian Coin Depicts Second Battle of YpresThe Royal Canadian Mint is accepting orders for the 2015 $20 Second Battle of Ypres Silver Coin, the second of eight issues from the First World War Battlefront series.

Struck in 99.99% pure silver with selective gold-plating applied to both obverse and reverse designs, the 10,000 limited-edition collectible is available for $109.95 CAD or $88.11 USD […]


2015 Canadian Five-Coin Series Depicts Colorful Songbirds99.99% pure silver and the most colorful songbirds in North America are showcased in a new 5-coin subscription from the Royal Canadian Mint.

Subscription to the Mint’s 2015 Colorful Songbirds of Canada series guarantees delivery of all five coins when they are released. In addition, subscribers will receive a free musical box […]


2015 Canadian Coin Gift SetsGift ideas abound at the Royal Canadian Mint with special occasion sets featuring 2015-dated coins to include unique dollars.

Offered in the Mint’s celebratory-themed line-up are Birthday Gift Sets, Baby Gift Sets, Wedding Gift Sets and 2015 O Canada Gift Sets. Each product offers a specially struck $1 coin […]

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2015 $20 FIFA Women's World Cup Canada Silver Coin for $20Adding to its $20 for $20 silver coin series and celebrating one of the largest worldwide sporting events to be held this year, the Royal Canadian Mint is now accepting orders for the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup Canada $20 Fine Silver Coin.

The 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup is scheduled to be held June 6 through July 5, 2015. During the event, teams from […]


2015 Growling Cougar Coins in 1/2 Kilo Gold and SilverCelebrating one of the great cats of the world on massive one-half kilogram 99.99% pure precious metal collectibles are 2015 Growling Cougar coins in gold and silver.

Appearing as the second offerings in the Royal Canadian Mint’s Call of the Wild series and produced to a collector proof finish, both present a single cougar amidst its natural surroundings […]


Mint Invites Canadians to Design Coins for 2017Canadian residents received a surprising invitation this week. The Royal Canadian Mint asked them to consider a unique role in celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary by designing the nation’s five circulation coins.

Canada turns 150 in 2017 and the Mint will strike new designs on the 5-cent, 10-cent, 25-cent, one-dollar and two-dollar coins to commemorate the sesquicentennial […]


2015 50c Canadian Circulation Rolls in Special WrapA relative rarity becomes available to everyone, for a limited time, with the Royal Canadian Mint’s release of 2015 50-cent pieces in unique circulation rolls.

Within specially-wrapped rolls are twenty-five 50-cent coins. They won’t be available for long. Past 50-cent special wraps sold out quickly […]

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2015 Baby Animals Silver Coin Subscription PopularA Royal Canadian Mint subscription of four silver coins depicting baby animals is selling quickly. Ordering opened to everyone Tuesday, March 3, and 81% of the available 7,500 are already claimed.

Four different baby animals are featured on coins of the subscription. Designed by wildlife Canadian artist Desmond McCaffrey, the first coin depicts a young black bear cub sitting by its mother in the wild […]


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