Proposed or Recent Coinage Legislation

The new Presidential $1 coins and the words "In God We Trust" are back in debate. A new legislative bill, S.2417, has been placed on the table and seeks changes to the motto’s placement. Since the beginning of its mintage, the new dollar coin has faced extra scrutiny due solely to those powerful words, or […]


The debate heated up on whether the metal composition of coins should be controlled by the U.S. Treasury and whether the ban of melting pennies for their copper content should be lifted. had its own article on the topic and, like other news organizations, coin collectors and bloggers, everyone was interestingly awaiting some type […]


So says Democrat Congressman Zack Space of Ohio who’s trying to help a company within his district. The company, Jackson Metals, would melt pennies for their copper content. Helping businesses is hard to fault. But is newly proposed legislation that would benefit companies like Jackson Metals and change coinage laws the right thing to do? […]


All good things come to an end. The 50 State Quarters® Program is near that end. Or, is it? Next year all 50 states will have been commemorated and, by law, the state quarters series will close down. However, there’s legislation that has passed the House and is already in the Senate’s hands to change […]


It was introduced only last month but The NASA 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coin Act passed the House and is now in the Senate’s hands for likely approval. The Act authorizes the United States Mint to produce a $50 gold coin and nine; yes, that’s nine $1 silver coins. It also allows for a bronze duplicate […]

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A bill was introduced in the House and then Senate calling for a new commemorative coin honoring the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. For coin enthusiasts, the $1 coin is spec-ed out to be 90% silver and minted in both uncirculated and proof qualities. The year of minting wouldn’t begin until 2014. […]


It’s been a week since the House passed an amendment, 295-127, to change the design of the $1 Presidential Coin. There is nothing new to update other than a recap of the amendment itself, since its news has been quiet. The amendment was introduced by Rep. Roger Wicker, R-Miss. Its main intent is to remove […]


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