News About US Mint Presidential $1 Coin Releases

Articles and news about United States Mint produced Presidential $1 Coin releases. These dollar coins honor former Presidents of the United States. The coin series began in 2007 and will last until at least 2016. (Also see $1 coins by year.)

Martin Van Buren Presidential $1 coins will be sold on Thursday, November 13, the United States Mint said Monday. The final Presidential Dollar for 2008 will be available in 25-coin rolls for $35.95 and in 250-coin bags for $319.95, with either the Philadelphia, "P", or Denver, "D", mintmark. Dubbed “The Red Fox of Kinderhook” for […]

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2008 American Legacy CollectionThe US Mint on Monday released several cornerstone coins all within a single 2008 United States Mint American Legacy Collection®. The set features 15 popular proof coins "presented in unique and elegant packaging."

The collection includes proof versions of all 14 circulating coins for 2008, including the final five quarters of the 50 State Quarters® Program (Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii) and the four $1 coins from the second year of the Presidential $1 Coin Program (Monroe, Adams, Jackson and Van Buren). The set also includes a proof version of the Bald Eagle Silver Dollar.

The collection is priced at $100 each, with a household limit of 10 in place. There is a total limit of 50,000 sets.

The kicker for the collection is its packaging. While extremely attractive, all the coins may be purchased separately for a total of $70.90, making the packaging price an extra $29.10.

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Born in New York in December of 1782, Martin Van Buren holds the distinction of being the first president to be born in a newly independent Nation. He is the fourth and final president to be honored on Presidential $1 coins for 2008. To celebrate Martin Van Buren’s presidency, the United States Mint releases the bulk […]


James Monroe, John Quincy Adams, Andrew Jackson and Martin Van Buren were honored Presidents showcased in a multitude of United States Mint coin products this year. More are yet to come as the Mint is running the gamut with a stream of new releases to coincide with its 2008 Gift Catalog promotion. Nearly a dozen […]


The U.S. Mint is spending about $12 million in a four-city pilot program in an attempt to dissuade consumers away from their convictions that dollar coins are superior to paper bills. The pros and cons of $1 coins have been debated for years. The first round knockout always goes to the untouched champ, Mr. Paper […]


U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker has more reason to celebrate than most for the new 2009 Presidential Dollar designs the United States Mint released on Wednesday. He introduced the amendment calling for the motto "In God We Trust" to be relocated from the edge of the $1 coin to its face. (View up close 2009 Presidential […]


The United States Mint on Wednesday introduced newly designed 2009 Presidential $1 coins and released detailed artist images of the dollars. The American public will see 2009 circulating coins honoring Presidents William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor. Most interestingly, different design elements have been implemented compared to the initial series of 2007 and 2008 coins.

2009 Presidential $1 Dollar Coin Design Images

Notable in the new designs is the placement of "In God We Trust," which in past years has been on the edge of each Presidential dollar. A public outcry occurred when the U.S. Mint inadvertently issued a small subset of 2007 dollars that did not have the inscription because of minting errors. Also, while many thought edge letterings on coins would be a fresh approach, fewer liked "In God We Trust" there after seeing the new dollars. They felt the inscription lacked prominence, and needed to be moved.

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John Quincy Adam United States Mint Presidential $1 Coin and Louisa Adams First Spouse Medal Sets are now available and priced at $7.95 each. The set was released Wednesday, September 3, and includes an uncirculated John Quincy Adam Presidential dollar coin and a bronze medal bearing the likeness of the Louisa Adams First Spouse gold […]

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The Andrew Jackson Individual Proof $1 Coin will be available through the United States Mint Thursday, August 28, at 12 noon (ET). Andrew Jackson was was the seventh President of the United States and the special individual proof coins honoring his presidency are priced at $5.95 each. There is a $4.95 standard shipping and handling […]

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Americans are very familiar with the continual failure of dollar coins in every day use. In recent years, the Susan B. Anthony and the Sacagawea Golden Dollar have lost their acceptance battle. Today, the new Presidential $1 coins honoring U.S. presidents is failing. Over one billion of the coins have been minted since the series […]