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US Mint SiteThe United States Mint is the most active mint in the world, producing billions of circulating coins, tens of millions of bullion coins, and millions of numismatic or collector coins every single year.

CoinNews.net publishes at least one weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures, as provided by the US Mint directly. These coin sales figures are indispensable to both coin collectors and investors for determining current demand, coin mintages, and more.

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2009 Gold Buffalo Bullion CoinThe United States Mint has sold 110,500 one-ounce American Buffalo $50 Gold Bullion Coins since they were released on Thursday, Oct. 15, 2009.

To place that in perspective, in less than two weeks bullion dealers have purchased 64.2 percent of the total (172,000) that was sold in all of 2008.

There appeared to a touch of dry spell in sales for several days. The US Mint generally updates bullion figures daily. The Gold Buffalos remained at 86,000 from last Wednesday morning until Tuesday morning when the tally jumped to 106,500. By close of business Tuesday, numbers were at 110,500.

The Mint will begin selling the collector proof Buffalo coins this Thursday at noon ET. Demand is expected to be fierce. No order limits are in place.

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageUS Mint sales once again look attractive following a week when collector interest in most coins dipped. Demand is strong for both silver and gold bullion coins, as has been the case for much of the year. The newly released Gold Buffalo coins were most impressive.

In other notables, Ultra High Relief $20s finally topped the 100K barrier, and the Lincoln Chronicles set shot off Mint shelves to the tune of 50,000 in 30 hours. Collector silver coins and sets also held their own, enjoying better than normal weekly gains. These and other highlights follow:

  • UHR Double Eagle Gold Coins hit 100,704 since their release on Jan. 22. Weekly sales picked up by 1,913 compared to prior 1,172.

  • As expected, although not on the first day like many anticipated, the Lincoln Coin and Chronicles set sold out. The maximum 50,000 were scooped up within 30 hours. Standby orders are now in affect. Also in the Lincoln family line, the Lincoln Proof Set climbed by 10,921.

  • Passing through their haze, Presidential Dollar Proof Set and 2009 Silver Proof Set increased by 2,872 and 12,306, respectively. Both sets were knocked down with negative adjustments in last week’s report.

  • All Braille silver coin products improved. Another 3,277 of the Braille Education Sets were purchased to bring the total up to 5,996. The proof silver dollars unexpectedly jumped 1,445 — the first time they’ve experienced weekly gains of over 1,000 in more than five weeks.

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2009 Gold Buffalo Bullion CoinDemand for newly issued 2009 Gold Buffalo Bullion Coins is proving to be exceptionally hot. From their release on Thursday through to Monday, 71,500 of the one-ounce, 24 karat gold coins have been sold by the US Mint. That represents nearly 42 percent of the total sold in all of 2008.

In contrast, the one-ounce American Gold Eagles Bullion Coins have a sales tally of 63,500 for the first 19 days in October. It’s not that this figure is shabby, it’s not. They are just not on par with the couple of day sales numbers of the Buffalos.

Of course there is a major distinction between the two gold coins other than their design and composition — the Gold Eagles are struck from 22 karat gold versus the 24 karat in the Buffalos. While the Gold Eagles have been available all year, the American Buffalos have been suspended for some 10 months. That delay helped foster demand, and there is also a bit of catch-up in the wind.

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A month ago our US Mint sales report headline said "Presidential Dollar Sets Pass 600K." Today that picture reverses as the proof dollars withdraw to fall back below the milestone. Several other products fell as well in a week where demand for collector coins trended mostly lower. There were several exceptions, especially for coins of […]


The latest US Mint figures show weekly sales more than doubled for the 2008 Annual Uncirculated Dollar Set, which includes the 2008-W Uncirculated Silver Eagle. Driving them higher is the fact that the set is the only way to buy an uncirculated Silver Eagle from the US Mint this year, following the 2009 Eagle cancellations. […]


2009 US Mint Set Sales on FireThe 2009 US Mint Uncirculated Set continues to experience exceptionally strong collector demand with sales already at 43 percent of the final levels of the 2007 and 53 percent of the 2008 mint sets.

Between their launch on noon Thursday, Oct. 1, and to the following Sunday, coin collectors purchased an incredible 297,842 sets. Flash forward another week to Sunday, Oct. 11, and new sales reached 392,007 for a weekly gain of 94,165.

At $27.95 a pop for the set of 36 satin finished coins struck in uncirculated condition, the US Mint has generated nearly 11 million in sales in less than 1 1/2 weeks.

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The US Mint launched the Braille Education Set on Thursday, Oct. 8, at noon ET, and it has just released opening sales figures through to Sunday. Collectors are not spurring after the offering with any degree of excitement, as is expected with the soon to be released Lincoln Coin and Chronicles Set. A total of […]


UHR $20 Double Eagle Gold Coin2009 $20 Ultra High Relief Gold Double Eagle sales exploded with a sizzling 28,183 purchased by the end of its Jan. 22 launch day. Action continued to be strong despite the initial $1,189.00 price, which is now considered a dreamy bargain for buyers in today’s market. By the following Tuesday, Jan. 27, the number jumped to 41,664. How have they done since? A week-by-week analysis paints the picture.

After Jan., orders settled. As spring started, summer began and then July ended, there were only four times when UHR orders rose above 1,000 a week. In fact, average weekly sales were hitting 875 — a far cry from the early days.

A higher price for the coin — up $100 by now — and the US Mint’s mandated one order limit per household was stifling sales. The former was a result of surging gold prices. The latter was proven true on July 27 when the Mint increased household limits from one to ten. Following the change, sales shot up another 3,800 in less than a week. The numbers later moved with several peaks and valleys, but weekly gains easily topped 2,000 until the final days in Sept., or for nearly two months. (In between, the Mint increased order limits to 25 on Aug. 31 and lifted them entirely on Sept. 21.)

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US Mint Sales Figures Image The first round of sales figures for US Virgin Islands Quarters are now available, as are the numbers for the newly launched US Mint Uncirculated Coin Set. The quarters are doing fine, the sets are off to the races.

Last week’s report showed that the Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Set had unexplained fiery sales. This week’s numbers are colder. Several of the US Mint’s proof sets, however, warmed up. These and other highlights follow:

  • The first round of numbers are in for bags and rolls of US Virgin Islands Quarters. Sales are strong. Compared to the prior inaugural American Samoa quarter figures, the 100-coin bags and two-roll sets are moving faster. Both the P & D 1000-coin bags, however, are trailing.

  • 2009 US Mint Sets have experienced exceptional collector demand during their first days on sale. Collectors purchased 297,842 between Thursday and Sunday. For more on this story, read 2009 US Mint Set Sales on Fire.

  • Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Sets are back to normal. Last week’s report showed an irregular super leap of 11,217. The latest increase is 1,181, which is inline with typical weekly demand.

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US Mint Sales Figures ImageBullion American Eagle Gold and Silver Coins ended September in shining fashion, but recent demand has mostly weakened for collector proof and uncirculated coins. That is, except for uncirculated 2009 Presidential Dollar Sets. Their sales inexplicably blasted off like a rocket.

These and more highlights follow:

  • Bullion American Gold Eagles marked the end of the month by registering the 3rd best September since 1986 with 115,500. The month was also the 4th best of this year — just missing the 3rd slot by a mere 501. At year’s end, 2009 annual eagles sales should rank 4th or 5th best of all time. One million is within very close reach. 954,000 is the current count.

  • 2009 bullion American Silver Eagles have already assured their place in history. It is the second best September ever for the coins, but more impressively, annual sales are locking in to a record all time high. 20,467,500 silver eagles have already been sold this year. 2008-dated eagles earned the top spot last year with 20,583,000. Say goodbye to that, and soon.

  • For no apparent rhyme or reason, Presidential $1 Coin Uncirculated Sets exploded. The tally soared 11,217 to 85,478. At $15.95 a pop, the Mint pulled in a cool $179,000. Last week’s report showed a sleeping increase of just 1,278. As mentioned before, the US Mint Fall catalog arrived on collector’s doorsteps to help boost sales, but other coins/sets didn’t have similar astronomical, above and beyond increases. This one is a bit of a mystery.

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