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US Mint SiteThe United States Mint is the most active mint in the world, producing billions of circulating coins, tens of millions of bullion coins, and millions of numismatic or collector coins every single year.

CoinNews.net publishes at least one weekly numismatic report of current US Mint Coin Sales Figures, as provided by the US Mint directly. These coin sales figures are indispensable to both coin collectors and investors for determining current demand, coin mintages, and more.

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US Mint Sales: American Liberty Medal Set at 22,648More than half of the 2017 American Liberty Silver Medal Sets are still available, according to the latest sales figures from the United States Mint.

Released last Thursday, Oct. 19, the anniversary product registered first-day sales of 16,794 sets. The U.S. Mint on the 20th lifted the […]


US Mint Sales: Core 2017 Sets Most SoughtCore annual sets were the strongest numismatic sellers last week, according to the latest batch of sales figures from the United States Mint. The 2017 Proof Set led them all, advancing by more than 13,000 to top the 400,000 milestone.

Two weeks ago marks the release date of the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set. Its official sellout […]


US Mint Sales: 2017 Limited Edition Set at 49,978A sense of how close the 2017 Limited Edition Silver Proof Set is to an official sellout became clearer Tuesday when the United States Mint published its latest round of sales figures.

Sales totaled 49,978 sets through Sunday, which is 22 away from the maximum 50,000 sets […]


US Mint Sales: Improved Product Gains in Late SeptemberThe United States Mint saw stronger sales volumes toward the end of September with nearly half of its collector products logging better week-over-week gains.

Nine of the agency’s products moved in the opposite direction, however, led by a 267 reduction to the 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Set with revised sales at 194,394 out of 225,000 […]


US Mint Sales: 20th Anniversary Proof Platinum Eagle Sells OutSales of the 20th anniversary 2017-W Proof American Platinum Eagle have officially ended. The United States Mint this week tagged the coin’s product page with "sold out."

The platinum coin launched on July 6 with over half of its 10,000 mintage claimed within hours. Sales reached about 9,200 by early August and that’s when the coin’s availability started rotating from on to off […]


US Mint Sales: Ellis Island 3-Coin Set DebutsOrders picked up a bit across U.S. Mint collector products, according to the latest round of weekly sales figures. The broader gains were supported by the release of the Ellis Island Three-Coin Set.

Containing an uncirculated quarter from the Philadelphia and Denver Mints and a proof quarter from the San Francisco Mint, the set scored four-day sales of 10,513 for the strongest start among series issues since 2016 […]

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US Mint Sales: Ellis Island 5 Oz Coin DebutsThe United States Mint’s newest 5-ounce collectible was its best weekly seller. Celebrating the New Jersey portion of Ellis Island, the 3-inch coin launched on Sept. 7 for $149.95.

It moved out of the sales gate quicker than other issues released so far this year — even with two fewer days of totals in its first reported sales window […]


US Mint Sales: Ellis Island Quarters DebutEarly U.S. Mint sales figures are now available for quarters commemorating Ellis Island, the gateway from 1892 to 1954 for over 12 million immigrants to the United States.

Released last week on Monday, Aug. 28, the Ellis Island quarter is the fourth of five 2017-dated issues. Its reverse depicts an immigrant family approaching Ellis Island with a mixture of hope and uncertainty […]

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US Mint Sales: More Adjustments for Uncirculated Set and Platinum EagleThe latest round of U.S. Mint sales stats shows more downward adjustments for the proof Platinum Eagle and the Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set.

Figures released through Aug. 27 have the 10-coin Enhanced Uncirculated Set dropping by 23,969 to 187,304 sets […]


US Mint Sales: 2017-S Enhanced Uncirculated Sets SeesawingUnited States Mint sales of the 225th anniversary 2017 Enhanced Uncirculated Coin Set are swinging up and down as apparent returns and cancellations outweigh new orders.

Figures released Aug. 20 by the U.S. Mint showed their sales at 211,273 sets, representing a decline of 12,037 sets from a week earlier when the Mint reported selling 223,310 sets. The Mint allotted 225,000 sets — a total that pays tribute to the agency’s 225th anniversary […]


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