Coin Shows, Auctions and Numismatic Events

Learn about upcoming U.S. and world coin collector shows, expos and other collecting events, including numismatic auctions — both in rare coins and currency. For the latest information on what’s happening today in the hobby community, check out the following coin news articles.

Heritage Auction Galleries held the Official Auctions of the September 2007 Long Beach Coin Expo. The total numbers generated and announced through a press release were impressive, reaching $27 Million. The Signature Auctions included: U.S. coins ($11,311,996) U.S. currency ($10,486,434) Ancient and world coins ($3,210,026) And U.S. tokens and medals ($598,946) These totals combined with […]


Eileen Collins (Colonel, USAF, RET.) had an exceptional career with NASA. Her achievements helped springboard not only the launch of missions, but that of the Sacagawea Dollar coins. Let’s swing through a quick series of historical events tying Collins and the Sacagawea coins together. Warp back to July 23, 1999… On that day, NASA Mission […]

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First, let me preface all this by saying I’ve only been to two coin shows in my entire life. And those were recent. I’m a true beginner to coin collecting, just like so many others out there. As such, I think my experience at being so new to everything can help bring different perspectives. It’s […]