US Mint Products in February Include Quarters, Dollars and $10 American Liberty

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The United States Mint will release products this month that include coins in clad, silver and gold and in sizes ranging from 1/10 ounce to 5 ounces.

US Mint Products for Collectors

The U.S. Mint will release more than a dozen products in February, including quarters, dollars and a $10

Several of the coins feature one-year-only designs. Many belong to a family of annual products — you may want to consider subscribing to some of these using the U.S. Mint’s enrollment program to save money on shipping.

A summary of the upcoming products are below.

2018 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Quarters

On Feb. 5, Pictured Rocks quarters in circulating quality become available. The coin marks the first 2018-dated release from the U.S. Mint’s America the Beautiful Quarters® Program and features a reverse design emblematic of the national lakeshore in Michigan.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Quarter - reverse

Michigan’s Pictured Rocks quarter depicts Chapel Rock and the white pine tree that grows atop. The quarter is the first of five for 2018.

Product options include rolls and bags of quarters struck from minting facilities in Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. Prices range from $18.95 for a single 40-coin roll of San Francisco struck quarters to $46.95 for a three-roll set with one roll from each of the three facilities.

This is an annual product series that is available by enrollment.

2018 American Liberty 1/10 oz. Gold Proof Coin

Set to launch on Feb. 8, the 2018 $10 American Liberty 1/10 oz. gold coin shows the same designs as the 2017 $100 edition. (See photos of the 2017 gold coin). That one is in high relief and struck from an ounce of 99.99% fine gold.

2017 American Liberty Gold Coin - Obverse and Reverse

These two CoinNews photos show the obverse and reverse of the 1-ounce, 2017-dated American Liberty gold coin. This year’s coin is a smaller version, minted in 1/10-ounce gold.

This piece is being offered as a more affordable option to last year’s coin, which is still available for $1,740 and has sales of 27,580. Its smaller 1/10-ounce size lacks the high-relief of last year’s coin but it has the same proof finish. The coin’s price will be set on Feb. 7 — one day before its release, and it can change weekly. If it launched today, it would be $215.

2018 Pictured Rocks Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

Debuting on Feb. 9 for $154.95, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore 5-ounce silver coin has the same designs as the earlier mentioned Pictured Rocks quarter. The detail differences between the two are obvious given their size differences with quarters having a 0.955 inch diameter compared to 3.000 inches for the silver coin.

Effigy Mounds Quaters and 5 ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin

This CoinNews photo highlights the size difference between quarters and 5-ounce coins. (Shown: A roll of 2017 Effigy Mounds quarters and a companion 2017 Effigy Mounds 5-Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin.

Prices for 5-ounce 99.9% fine silver series coins are $5 higher this year.

This is an annual product series that is available by enrollment.

2018 Native American $1 Coin

The program of Native American $1 Coins features annually changing reverses. The 2018 dollar design was unveiled in December with images of the coin published last week. It depicts Jim Thorpe, while the foreground highlights his achievements in football and as an Olympian.

2018 Native American $1 Coin - Sacagawea Obverse and Jim Thorpe Reverse

2018 Native American $1 Coin (obverse and reverse)

Circulating quality 2018 Native American dollars are planned for Feb. 15. Available product options will include dollars in U.S. Mint-branded 25-coin rolls, 100-coin bags, and 250-coin boxes from production facilities in Philadelphia and Denver. Their prices will range from $32.95 to $275.95.

This is an annual product series which is available by enrollment.

2018 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Quarters Three-Coin Set

A three-coin set of Pictured Rocks quarters will go on sale Feb. 20. Sets include a proof quarter from San Francisco and two uncirculated quarters with one from Denver and the other from Philadelphia.

Photo 2017 Effigy Mounds National Monument Quarters Three-Coin Set

This CoinNews photo shows last year’s first released three-coin set. This year’s first issue from the series will feature Pictures Rocks quarters held in packaging emblematic of the national lakeshore.

Expect to pay $9.95, the same price for sets from 2017.

This is an annual product series which is available by enrollment.

2018 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set

Lastly, this year’s silver set of proof quarters will go on sale Feb. 22. In addition to the already talked about Pictured Rocks quarter, the set will include quarters honoring Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin, Voyageurs National Park in Minnesota, Cumberland Island National Seashore in Georgia, and Block Island National Wildlife Refuge in Rhode Island.

2017 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set Photo

A CoinNews photo of a lens holding last year’s silver proof quarters from the SF Mint.

Coins of the set are struck at the San Francisco Mint and bear an ‘S’ mint mark. Pricing is $33.95, representing a $2 increase from last year.

This is another annual product that is available by enrollment.

US Mint February 2018 Product Schedule

Here’s a grid breaking down the scheduled U.S. Mint products for February:

Feb 5 2018 Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore Quarter Rolls and Bags $18.95-$46.95
Feb 8 2018 American Liberty One-Tenth Ounce Gold Proof Coin TBD
Feb 9 2018 Pictured Rocks Five Ounce Silver Uncirculated Coin $154.95
Feb 15 2018 Native American $1 Coin Rolls and Bags $32.95-$275.95
Feb 20 2018 Pictured Rocks Three-Coin Set $9.95
Feb 22 2018 America the Beautiful Quarters Silver Proof Set $33.95


Collector products launch at noon (ET) on the day of their release. Orders may then be placed through the U.S. Mint website at or by phone at 1-800-USA-MINT (872-6468).

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Mouse February 3, 2018 at 3:50 pm

Greetings my fellow numismatists and investors of precious metals.
I am in a bit of a pickle and would appreciate any feedback. I am pleased to read that the new 2018 Lady Liberty gold coin is at 1/10 of an ounce as I have been contemplating buying the 2017 version 1 ounce gold proof / graded. The price is holding me back as I have my investor hat on right now. I appreciate the beauty of the coin but am in investor mode right now and cannot make the numbers work. Does anyone feel that the 2017 1 ounce Lady Liberty gold has any future upswing?

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.


Seth Riesling February 3, 2018 at 9:07 pm

Mouse –

IMHO, the 2017 1-oz version of this coin caused quite a stir here in the USA among collectors, unfortunately to the down side. Racism is alive & well unfortunately in the USA. When the design of the African-American female as Lady Liberty (a first on any coin or medal the U.S. Mint has ever struck in 225 years last year), was released to the public here, the Mint had to shut down its Facebook account temporarily due to extreme negative racist comments. The largest numismatic publication in the world, Coin World, also suspended its social media on the topic due to the same situation. A poll by the largest association of the most prominent coin dealers in the USA, the Professional Numismatists Guild, of its free website users (collectors, investors, dealers, flippers etc.) showed a vote that approximately 70% said they would not buy this coin. The current sales figure of under 28,000 coins of a 100,000 mintage shows that poll was on target. Therefore, even though the final mintage will be low whenever the Mint decides to stop selling this coin, there will be no real secondary market for it. Also, those who wanted the 1 oz. version last year but could not afford it, will buy the cheaper tenth-oz. version this year with the same basic design & will not need the more expensive 1 oz. version. I loved the design from the beginning & treasure it as a forward-thinking, beautiful design, but racism is alive & well unfortunately in the USA especially in the current vastly polarizing political climate here. In your home country of Canada, you have a much more overall acceptance of minorities & I admire that so much. For instance, Canada has a very large Asian community on a percentage basis compared to the USA & the RCM caters to that market in Canada very well. To be fair, I can’t give specific investment advice per se, but I buy what I like & plan to pass most items down to family members. I only sell when I have a duplicate raw coin or set or to upgrade a certified graded coin. Hope this helps you out Mouse.

Happy collecting!


Joe Brown February 3, 2018 at 11:04 pm

Mouse – how you doing! you write like an English Gent* i like that, well you did ask for any feedback, so here,s mine, as far as the 1.oz go,s, for an investment & your not flip’n it, unless it happens to go throw the roof, save your cash$ & just buy a raw one from the mint, and wait for a sell out, & sea how the market is doing with them over time, for the raw, and 69 plus the cream of the crop a 70 grade, i* have to say that over time, you will get back more than what you payed for the raw coin, how much is anyone*s guess, also if you* or any of your coin bud*s you trust say it looks like a sure shot for a 70 grade, i mean what are the odd,s with new coins today, its a 50/50 shot you will get a grade 70, you pretty much know you it will be no lower than 69 grade, & if it does come back 67 or 68 grade, now that would be rare, no pun intend’id, but really there good odd’;s you’ll have a 70 grade, so check out the two major grading company’s before you grade, and sea who has the least amount of this 1.oz gold coin in the grade of 70*, i must say tho, 7 it does happen once in a blue moon* there are more 70 grade modern coins than 69 grade coins, but go with the grading company that graded the least amount of 70’s, if both company’s are close you might get $10 or $20 more for the lesser amount of 70’s even 69 grade for that matter, but a raw or 69 grade most of the time your going to get the same price when you go to sell, unless there wasn’t that many 69,s graded you will get more for the 69 grade, if you know what i* mean, but don’t waste your good money, unless there going for the same price as the raw coin from the *mint for a ”first strike & all the other saying’s BS!” because the dealer buying from you, does not give one, what it says, because a 69 or 70, know matter how many times you look at them, even with a super sonic “”MARS”’ scope, with your head between your legs, “””B*s 4 Leafs 1”” sea*in you live way up in the great white *north you gotta like a good game of *Hockey** anyways, kick ass tomorrow ****NEW ENGLAND****PATRIOTS****+**** make it the *Greatest Blowout* in *Supper Bowl History* i’m with ya’s from all the 1&2 game win season’s it doe’s not matter to me your my *team always, *+*GOD* show the *world another small taste of your *+*MIRACLE*S , not everyone of your *+*WORLD* gets it ”yet” , where it all started, how you made *U*S*A* #1 in your *+*WORLD* it all began with the *BOSTON* PATRIOTS* and all of *NEW ENGLAND* *Green Mountain* Men* of *Vermont* ass kickers* *not done yet* man* & GOD Bless you *+*Myra *Kraft* god loves you* keep big BOB & your beloved *JOHNATHAN* honest always*+* for you are the *backbone* of it all* for you* love Bob & Johnathan so much* say hi to your good* friend* *+*Rose Kennedy* in *Haven with ya! if i* could i* would love nothing more, than to buy your *+*childhood* summer home* the house of the *+*Holy in the town of *Hull, i* would fix up the same way it was when *you were a young girl* for in *God I Trust* 1*st & only* just like you*. So on the subject of coins a 69 grade or a 70 grade, is what is ”is”. Now on the subject of the 1/10 .oz gold coin their going to mint, i did not sea how many that were going to be minted tho, buy all means buy as many from the mint* you can, you will not go wrong, i* wish i had all my 1/10 .oz gold & platinum from 2006 to 2008 burnished coins that i* bought for, anywhere’s from $117. to $129. i* bought one or two just about every week until they sold out at the *mint, i was like a kid in a candy store, it took some time for them to sellout at the *mint, with a very good low mintage, i’ll say this, even tho i* did not want to i did good*$$$$$$$, & the ones i sent in all came back grade 70* the 1/10.oz gold *Indian*s, i sold raw, & still made a good buck*, nice talking to ya Mouse* “CHEERS & CHERRIO” dude! love that dirty water* section#138 row #1 seat # 11 *Bledsoe & seat # 12 *Brady* PAT*S #1 in my *heart *always* no matter you are the greatest to me right from the year you started 1960* to all the great *PATRIOTS* Thanks love you all* peace*+*.

KC&SO February 4, 2018 at 10:01 am

Mr. Mouse,

A few coin acquaintances and I analyzed the 255th Liberty Gold coin last year from an ‘eyes wide open’ perspective, here’s the take-a-ways from our assessment:

The 225th HR Liberty has the potential to be a Classic Coin, through:

– 1st Proof HR
– Raised edge lettering
– Nice design
– And association with the 225th Mint’s B-day

However.., the U.S. Mint destroyed any near-term potential ramp up in appreciation with that idiotic 100,000 mintage running for 2 years, which is likely to remain on sale until the 2019 Gold Liberty is released.

Had the mint limited the mintage to 20,000 to 25,000.., then we would have had a Big Winner!

Now, to Seth’s point above, I do believe that is an issue with the U.S. market, though I’ve also felt that many of our 1 oz special gold releases go overseas and STAY THERE, …to Asia and Europe. I believe A LOT of the 2015 HR Liberties went overseas as many were sold and not that many were ever dumped on eBay, relative to other gold releases.

So.., here’s the kicker for me and why I believe the 2017 HR Liberty may have some legs to it:

– If the mintage stays under 35,000 – 37,000, AND,
– The mint doesn’t screw up the designs for the Native American, Asian, Etc.., designs for 2019, 2021, 2023.., THEN the 2017 HR could have something going for it.
– I personally believe the 2019 & 2021 designs have the potential to be spectacular, albeit likely lower mintage than 2017, though for series collectors the 2017 with it’s differentiating attributes, above may see down the road pick up.
– I’ll remain optimistic that our U.S. Mint won’t screw up the designs for the follow on releases.

Personally, if I was your financial advisor, I’d tell you to invest all your money in investments (equity) and just buy the coin (in OGP) for your collection because you like it, and have reasonable expectations that it may increase in value. Modern coins ARE NOT investments, NOR will they ever be, unless spot goes up (as the U.S. collector base is aging and the hobby is pretty lean, and getting leaner).

Good Luck Mate!

Disclaimer: I own the 1oz HR Liberty, may buy another with my Trump tax savings, and plan to buy the 1/10 Liberty on Thursday (which I believe will sell out w/i a week).

Mouse February 4, 2018 at 11:48 am

Thanks so much for the input my fellow collectors and investors.

Seth: I am definitely not used to national racism and truly value the beauty of the coin. Canada is not immune to systemic racism. When it comes to the indigenous population, and their contributions that helped build our great country, they are just now receiving recognition. Sadly the coins produced by the RCM that show case their historical contributions are only worth their weight in gold and have a very low collector market. I agree with you fully that the RCM is now starting to produce collector and bullion coin designs catered to an international market. I am very proud of my mint as Canada is truly a melting pot and every culture that helped build this beautiful nation deserves credit for their contributions.

I was hoping that the USA mint was going to ask its population for input into the image that was to be captured on the 2017 Liberty coin, very similar to Canada’s 2016 $10 dollar bill. I put in my vote and sadly it was not the winner. The 2016 Canadian 10 dollar bill is graced with the image of a beautiful lady by the name of Viola Desmond. A lady who struggled against racism and sacrificed her freedom to change law in Canada and end racism. She, in the year 1927 was not considered or recognized in Canadian law as a “person”, due to her race…she fought for equality and changed Canada for the better…she was African by decent. Her contributions during her life made Canadian history. Having national input makes the currency historically significant and a treasure for generational collectors. I am not a bill collector but did purchase the note for my collection to pass down the family line.

Joe – KC & SO: I totally agree with your input as I was thinking the same.I am going to pick up a few 1/10 ounce beauties and when my collector hat goes back on (as I alternate my purchases from collector coins to investment coins / bullion) I will purchase a proof 1 ounce 2017 beauty directly from the USA mint. A graded version is not necessary right now as I plan to just appreciate the design for its beautiful balance between art and currency. It is a coin even with a low mintage that will need to stay in a safety deposit box for a very long time (generations) before it becomes a coin that will net any long term profit.

Keep collecting my friends and try to spark the next generation to pick up where we leave off.



Joe Brown February 4, 2018 at 3:44 pm

To all new to the art of coin collecting, your buying money,you will always get money back for a worthy coin or coins if you decide to sell, don’t jump the gun, be cool, right down to the last tic,their so many options to buy and sell today, because of this computer & high Tex phones,both of which i* don’t master, just do something that i hardly did as a kid, home work, before you buy and sell, anything for that matter, don’t be mister’fie or bluffed, just like the song, hold them, fold them, count your *blessing everyday, & judge a book by its cover, judge a book for what it is, don’t follow if it don’t feel right, march to your own drum, listen for the rooster, keep your eye on the sky day & night, rain & shine*.

Mouse February 5, 2018 at 12:44 pm

Thanks again for the input my fellow numismatist, always learning. I made my purchase last night and kept my investor hat on lol. Now I get to shift back to my numismatist hat and purchase for the balance between art and currency. I will definitely be grabbing a few 1-10 ounce Liberty coins in a few short days. One thing I have noticed is that gold magically moves on the upswing right before a new gold coin release. Coincidence or freak luck for the mint, who knows.

Happy collecting my friends and I always appreciate your input and education.


Joe Brown February 5, 2018 at 5:48 pm

I say *Mouse man, it’s all ”who is behind the curtain” at the time, look at the rise of palladium before my *country minted our first coin. Well, i must say the *Eagle has landed safe again. A *Victory, ring* the *bell of *LIBERTY*. Be *proud* Patriot* Nation, & the *+*Father*Son* & the *Holy* Ghost* The Star* of the *PATRIOT* is and will always shine* all so* so* bright*, know matter what, the three of you will never be *+*Defeated*, you three started out as the *mustard* watch how your garden grow*, you were third in line *ghost* you are forever*******young*, all three, will *know who to hand off & pass *your* torch*to, ”never cut your circuit*keep the * of the *PATRIOT* BRIGHT* it*s all *so *good*, i* gotta take a long winters nape*DREAM*+*ON*.

Joe Brown February 5, 2018 at 6:32 pm

Yup! as always a day late a $. shot- a *True *Patriot is never not done, i,ll be careful what i* which for next time, will i* ever learn *god, in you i* trust*+*, i got to shut my *ii*, wake me up in the morning *light.

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